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Re: Additions, Errors, links etc here please

Post by theraven1979 » 16 Feb 2013, 20:07


The Bee wrote:Jim,
The hits tour in 2008 started off at the O2 academy Dublin and not the ambassador as advertised on tour posters.
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Re: Additions, Errors, links etc here please

Post by cecile-p » 18 Oct 2013, 17:54

I did some research on a few missing dates and found the following:

the whole french tour of 1977 was announced in France (Best magazine for example) but I'm not sure that all the dates took place.
at least, the first concert (20/04/1977 Le Havre) happened, the name of the venue is Petit Theatre. I found a confirmation on this Facebook page: where you can even read an article announcing it (of course, it's in french) ! a guy said that 48 tickets were sold.
the concert on 23/05/1977 in Paris took place in Le Bataclan. It's doubtful that they played in april.

they played in Montréal on 16/04/1978 in a place called El Casino. I found the date on this website: (I'm not sure that the site is reliable but I'm sure that they played in Montréal in 78).
I found the Boston dates for the same tour: 23 and 24/03/1978 in The Rat club, here:

they played in Lyon (Palais d'hiver) on 14/11/1979 and in Saarbrücken (Aula der Uni) on 23/11/1979 (I found 2 tickets of the events).

there's a second concert at La Mutualité in Paris on 01/03/1983, following the concert of the previous night. this was confirmed, on the French Stranglers forum, by a member of the French SIS who attended this show. by the way, Maubert Mutualité is the name of the next tube station, the name of the venue is Palais de la Mutualité or simply Mutualité (it's not really a palace !)


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Re: Additions, Errors, links etc here please

Post by meanie » 24 Oct 2013, 21:10

Australia 1979
02/03/1979 Interviewed on Double J (now called Triple J) the band talks about Petersen and what happened in Brisbane. Jet does most of the talking and hammers Queensland, invites people to call in to defend Queensland government, most callers agree with Jet's appraisal of "fascist"Joe Bjielke Petersen.
18/03/1979 - Bondi Lifesavers, Sydney
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Re: Additions, Errors, links etc here please

Post by art_decade » 07 Aug 2017, 13:05


I was searching the gig archive for 2 gigs I attended many years ago but couldn't find them listed, didn't know the dates but narrowed the years down by songs played.

I did a bit of searching and found them referred to elsewhere.

The first was at the Colston hall in Bristol on 28 October 1978, my first Stranglers gig, the show kicked off with 5 Minutes.

The second, on 12 July 1980, is listed as Beezlebub's in the 1980 archive but the place was more widely known as Cornwall Coliseum or the Cornish Riviera Lido.

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