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Forum Etiquette

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I appreciate the following only really appeals to a very small minority but can we all remember some simple forum etiquette.....

- Try to remain on topic. Whilst I appreciate that discussion will and does sometimes drift slightly can people refrain from turning topics into a slagging match.

- Be respectful to others. Abuse, racism etc won't be tolerated and nothing is ever solved by throwing abuse back at people. If someone has been abusive to you or others then let me know and I'll remove the post or bin the person in question.

- There will be quiet times. This is natural. Let it pass :smile: . The forums will go through moments where not much is happening and tumbleweed is visible. This is fine. Usually when Hugh or The Stranglers aren't touring or releasing albums etc. Whilst it's absolutely fine to discuss other bands or past glories it's also ok not to post for the sake of it. You won't be receiving a trophy or badge for "forum member with most posts" etc.

This isn't up for discussion and any repeat offenders will be binned as I don't have the time or the interest in mopping up after people. You can PM me direct should you wish to discuss further.

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