Debbie Harry :: Face It, A Memoir

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Debbie Harry :: Face It, A Memoir

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling »

I’ve just bought Debbie Harry’s memoir today, called ‘Face It’, it’s in nice hardback and is total quality and at only a £10 tenner.
Can’t wait to get into it, I always wanted to get into her! too when I was about 12-13-14, she was a total goddess to me.

It will be interesting to see if The Stranglers get a mention, I hope so and they should do! (Recent tours/ support slot) I wonder if JJ or Hugh has had ‘The pleasure of her Company’? She was from what I’ve heard over the years certainly putting it about a bit especially after she split from Chris Stein and even before that.
I mean you just would’ve wouldn’t you? back in the late 70’s/early 80’s? When she was a spectacularly stunningly gorgeous Woman, the most beautiful thing on earth IMHO at that time as a young boy :P

The nearest I got to Debbie was when 2 of my bedroom walls were covered with posters of her, some were overlapping and stuck on with ‘bluetack’. One night one poster fell down then the rest came crashing down, I was in total heaven as a 12 year old, as I was covered in Debbie Harry, god it/ she felt good on top of me! lol
Any other fans of her and/ or already got or read the book?

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Re: Debbie Harry :: Face It, A Memoir

Post by aldinblack »

If she was putting it about then as you say, I wonder if that's all covered in this book ?

Plenty of other fans on here I'm sure...

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