The Damned-Bath Komedia-28/06/19.

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The Damned-Bath Komedia-28/06/19.

Post by Greatkudu » 04 Jul 2019, 16:26

Fuck Glastonbury I say,although this gig was Glasto warm up and surprise,surprise no coverage of "The Damned" at Glasto on the beeb.

Well on a fucking hot sweaty night in pricey Bath,the Damned took to the stage just after 21.00 with the intro tune being the Avengers theme,first song

was the mighty "Love Song" as they played the whole of "Machine Gun Etiquette" as it is the 40th anniversary of the album this year,not much to say

really except the band were on top form,"Dave Vanian" wore a clowns nose for the darkly comic "These Hands",the rest of the set was from "The Black

Album",and a mixture of albums ignoring "Music for Pleasure" and "So Who's Paranoid" an album they seem to hate for some reason,a few good songs on

that album,also played were some odd singles like "Nasty" which Dave Vanian dedicated to Rik Mayall (obviously) Before I move on the only

disappointment was not enough songs from the excellent "Evil Spirits" we only got "SOTEOT" which they had to start twice due to some fuck up with the

drum sample at the start ( a minor point).Now let's move on this band at the moment are just amazing live,Dave Vanian's voice has to be one of the

best in modern music,just fantastic he gets more eccentric as he gets older,and never seems to age (he must really be a Vampire ?) he stalks the stage

like he is prowling for blood in his all black outfit,minus the frock coat tonight due to the sweat bath that was the "Komedia" a sold out 615 capacity

venue,rammed to the rafters,with the scent of stale body odour (Lovely).The thing with The Damned they have a great time and engage the crowd

especially the "Ignite" singalong,the band were so impressed by the crowds effort,they applauded from the stage,Dave Vanian seemed very happy

with the response,he is one cool chap.Then you have the polar opposite in the Captain,tacky dresser and loudmouth,but its that yin and yang that

brings the magic to The Damned,not forgetting the insane Monty (a great player) and the brilliant Paul Grey back on the bass for the last year or so.

And not forgetting the amazing drumming of Pinch,now he is one of the best drummers I have seen,just incredible skill in all aspects of drumming,

he is true to Rats original drum parts but puts his own stamp on them to,he did get pissed off after around 4 songs "asking if the lighting man,needed

strobe in every fucking song,and then he had a tirade against the tory leadership race,it got a mixed reaction from the crowd.Moving on they played

"Curtain Call" in the encore and finished with "White Rabbit" odd choice,the sound was very good to,to sum up this band are just fucking amazing at

the moment and the gig showed The Damned on top form,and of course we had a prick who was pissed out of his brains,who kept on falling over and

knocking into people,he nearly got thumped by a square looking bloke in front of me,oh well good to know it's not just Stranglers gigs that attract

the pricks,I urge you to see The Damned if you haven't before,IMHO the best live band around apart from The Stranglers.Lt Kudu on OPs in the sticks,over and out.

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