RIP Pete Shelley

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Re: RIP Pete Shelley

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling » 08 Dec 2018, 13:09

Always my faves along with The Stranglers, Pistols, Clash, Damned, Jam.
Pete & The Buzzcocks always put on great shows, will be sadly missed, and as TBC sez Pete & The Buzzcocks were/are the soundtrack to my youth & my life too.

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Re: RIP Pete Shelley

Post by Greatkudu » 08 Dec 2018, 13:45

Well it's sad when anyone dies.But particularly at such a young age for the modern day.But of course you are affected more if you know them or are

a fan of someones music,there have been sad losses of musical icons in recent years,but the sad untimely death of Pete Shelley has hit me hard.

The Buzzcocks were always my joint second fav band along with "The Damned","Spear" and "TOH",in fact other than The Stranglers i have every studio

release of "The Buzzcocks" and "Homosapien" as well.There was never a shit Buzzcocks album,some were better than others of course.But Pete Shelley

just did Punk his own way,he didn't need to be macho he was just himself with the slightly camp vocal style etc,but he was just a fine songwriter and

wrote so many gems that you can'a list with humour and observations of life,along with his guitar which merged together with Steve Diggle in a pretty

unique way,some songs they were playing lead,other rhythm.You could say that the Buzzcocks were possibly the only Punk band to stay true to their

principles,certainly a no frills,no bullshit approach to their live gigs was their mantra,a buzz of distortion and speed (not the drugs,maybe in earlier days).

We take life for granted,so it shows with the loss of Pete Shelley not to do that,as you never know whats round the next corner.I just thought that I

would be seeing The Buzzcocks for some years to come,thank god i saw them in Belgium last year supporting The Stranglers,once again a fast no frills

performance of distortion and energy.I will always remember sitting with Pete and Steve outside a Brasserie on route to gig,it was afternoon and there

were at least 6 empty bottles of a local beer called Spartacus with 6.5 percent volume,I thought great,still living the rock and roll lifestyle over 60

years old,I still have a bottle of that beer in fridge,now may be time to drink it and raise a toast to a unique,very talented songwriter and guitar

player,who influenced countless bands.I am still very sad but glad I got to see them live and enjoy their music,also Pete was a very nice bloke with

totally genuine.Of course the music lives on and we all have the memories,thank's Pete for all the enjoyment you gave to me and others with your

brilliant music R..I.P..The music lives on.

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Re: RIP Pete Shelley

Post by aldinblack » 08 Dec 2018, 18:18

well I'd never really gotten into the buzzcocks, not sure why obviously enjoyed the songs I did hear. I guess its never too late though so now I might look up a few albums...

Only saw them live once, along with The Fall supporting them which was maybe 8 or 9 years ago.

Very sad for yet another creator from that era to go before time....

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Re: RIP Pete Shelley

Post by strangledinAuch » 08 Dec 2018, 20:30

genuine shock at this news,actually thought he was a bit younger than 63
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