Stranglers v Clash v The Jam v Pistols

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Stranglers v Clash v The Jam v Pistols

Post by Jon the Impaler » 28 Nov 2018, 15:37

For the benefit of Ozymandias , who obviously missed all the talk about punk bands and members of 40 odd years ago - a chance to enlighten from our own points of view that era music , including our own favourites , The Stranglers ( so I guess this will be quite a biased thread really ) .

People nowadays forget what rivalries there were between the top players of the 76/77 punk era , all were very different bands to each other and were probably jealous of each's success' .
The Pistols , of course were the main players but its often forgotten what a brief time they spent in existence , forgetting the more modern get togethers . They really did one album and were utterly destroyed by the joining of Sid Viscious - a cartoon punk at best , total idiot at worst . However not many bands who made one album ( forget Rock n Roll Swindle - that was McLaren's baby ) could have made such a dramatic effect on music history .
The Clash - these had more of a background in music , Jones and Strummer having played in bands prior to The Clash , but again at best I'd say 2 punk albums before ( depends on your point of view ) - selling out to the US . Bernie Rhodes idea maybe of rivalling McLaren's Pistols in that he also wanted some of the action .

The Jam - like The Stranglers - were they actually punk ? . Well , fast short 3 minute anthems , attitude , more working class than any of their peers - they are part of the history of it all , though not liked by many punks , chartwise probably the most successful in the UK of the 4 bands . Weller I believe moved on when he realised that the material the band were doing wasn't really what The Jam were about , unlike The Clash IMO

The Stranglers - probably technically the best of the four by a long way , almost as successful as The Jam , by far the most controvertial ( riots , prison , more riots , drugs kidnapping etc ) . If that wasn't punk I don't know what is , more albums than all the others put together and a very varied sound but usually a trademark Stranglers sound in there somewhere .

There were many many minor players , but these were the major players back then . The Damned often had their moments , but were never near the popularity of these four . The Clash oddly , were the lesser of the four in the UK , but probably worldwide the biggest after London Calling , but I wouldn't have classed them as punk by that stage .

For a while there was quite a rivalry and The Stranglers were excluded form that inner circle , don't think The Jam were part of it either . But .... it was a great time in music history .
All quiet ..........

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Re: Stranglers v Clash v The Jam v Pistols

Post by strangledinAuch » 08 Dec 2018, 20:15

great times,at school back in 1978 we had 3 main gangs,Stranglers fans,Jam fans and the headbangers
The Stranglers were the most popular,remember a big JJ v Foxton thing,Foxton always getting voted best bassist in NME used to piss me off
you couldn't admit to liking both,which I did,but the Stranglers were always head and shoulders above anyone back then for me
Pistols were a what seemed one year wonder,played NMTB to death,preferred them to the Clash at that time
remember one time playing NMTB with the arm over and the neighbour coming round,asking if that was me,yeah I replied good init
he replied turn it off now or I'll call the police,which back then to a 15 year old was a bit scary
I did see the Clash live,the London Calling tour and it was a fantastic gig,but didn't get into anything they did after that
liked the Damned,but preferred Buzzcocks,SLF and Angelic Upstarts at the time
standing in the corridor at school,listening to DITS until the batteries ran out,great times
well why not,I always keep my socks on

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