B&W Vs The Raven - Production/mix

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B&W Vs The Raven - Production/mix

The Raven
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Post by Skin Deep »

They're both fantastic in every way.

I went for Black and White though. The production is much more in your face and aggressive, which is how I mostly like my Stranglers to be.

The Raven is a lot smoother to my ears - more....beautiful! :shock:

Och! It just depends what mood I'm in. Love 'em both to bits.
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Post by wadey1 »

black and white! sounds so crisp and heavy. everything is mixed brilliantly, so clear and hughs vocals sound ace. jjs bass is at its best here and daves keyboards are their hardest and heavy. raven often sounds too muddled and crowded....
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The Raven
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Post by The Raven »

I put Raven simply because The Raven is a perfect description of The Stranglers at that time
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Post by PjInBlack »

not sure which i prefer :?
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