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Just wondering if anyone knows the score re the Cardiff gig of the tour!?
So originally it was at the Motorpoint Arena albeit with the smaller capacity option. Then when the first rearrangement happened to last Autumn it was moved to the Students Union as there were no free dates at the Motorpoint that fitted the tour. I must admit I thought it was an odd switch as having been there the students union bar is tiny (maybe 1500 capacity - and crap) whereas they’d appeared to already have sold around a third of the Motorpoint tickets - ie about 2k+
About 2 weeks ago there was a Facebook event post post from the official Stranglers FB account reminding us of the Cardiff gig but giving the venue as the motorpoint again. If you go to gigs and tours via the official site it says the students union bar - and although the official site doesn’t say it’s sold out - gigs and tours says it is?
However if you go on Ticketmaster - for the 10th Feb it shows both the Motorpoint and the students union on the same day! And - it lets you go to the Motorpoint option - see the seating plan pick a seat and presumably buy it! There isn’t an event at the motorpoint on the 10th Feb according to the motorpoint website.
Does anyone have a clue what is going on? Is it still at the students union “great hall” or has it moved back to the motorpoint given that appears to now be available Apologies if discussed elsewhere couldn’t see anything!
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