More Powerful bass line

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Which bass line is more powerful and ear catching (it's a word yeah) out of my two favourite ones

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R.J. wrote:could you tell me is it deffinatly jj that starts heroes as a man i know reckons the bass cannot do that!!

This man you know is a complete Twunt.
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lol to be honest the version on the L.P doesnt sound too bass like, it sounds a bit like a sound effect to me, but its still pretty obvious its a bass.
Cnut ? I think you're mistaken, it's CUNT.
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Re: More Powerful bass line

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Dead Ringer, love hearing the version on Live x cert.
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Re: More Powerful bass line

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what a two to choose ringer then peaches.jjs bass lines are second to nobody...hes got the knack of very catchy bass lines you never forget.......they get right inside your brain...the beatles had that knack with sergant might hate the album but their riffs got right inside your head for days.
jj has the knack of simple catchy lines implanted in the brain or very compicated lead bass solos........hes got the full package..and looks great on stage with his movements.... his past experiance as a guitarist before playing bass for the stranglers has given him the lead bass improvising skills...i often thinks he forgets hes playing bass a not a 6 string plays bass like a lead guitarist...But his simple simple little catchy riffs that are second to no what i adore him...i think after hugh he lost his way bit on the bass.but giants more than ever had the return old the old bass camden. i thank his bass work over the decades ..not as a vocalist...sorry...apart from time to die nobody sings it as good as him.But his bass playing and high leg kicks in dms are second to none.I think mk11 was only able to carry on without hugh because off jj no band..The art for me of selling a product on commercial terms is something you can remember again after hearing it only once.If people cant remember a thing about the song or melody or tune....then you aint done your job....thats just how i feel and hugh and jj had it ..they knew how to sell a product...visual..melody..lyrics....success.
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Re: More Powerful bass line

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good heavens

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