Brexit Schmexit !?

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Brexit Schmexit !?

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Ha ha were out, what you think of that ya snowflake anti brexit unintellectualized unintelligentsia remoaners? I really hope it makes you so angry that you cry then crush a grape or two then go and see Coldplay and start a fight with a girl and get your head kicked in by some dumb steroid munching lard arsed security bloke with serious Gynaecomastia who’s wearing a bra and who’s also from the lovely city of Brussels.

Fook, actually after saying all that I wished that we had stayed in now, it woulda been better wouldn’t it? Much prefer that all our decisions were to be made by another inferior country and that innit surely? I mean what harm could it do? We’re all doomed now! That big boned fat lard arsed dodgy haircut Boris Johnson has fucked us all over.
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Re: Brexit Schmexit !?

Post by theraven1979 »

Just no

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