Theatre of Hate- 3rd October The Railway Winchester.

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Theatre of Hate- 3rd October The Railway Winchester.

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On a fucking horrible night weather wise,and feeling like shit due to bug,which fucking practice nurse refused to give me anything to soothe it,I make

my way by car to sunny Winchester,a stress free journey getting their but not coming back as wen't to Southampton instead of HQ Salisbury,long story.

Anyway moving on,a very small venue (warm up for huge USA tour) I have seen spear here a few times and Kirk has played here acoustically,but the

mighty TOH (Theatre of Hate) have never played here,Kirk loves the venue apparently,at 21.00 they come on first song "Original Sin" the other side of

the first single in 80 or 81,from the first song you knew we were in for a good night,but it was loud so the earplugs had to go in as such a small venue

but the great thing about small venues is you can see everything including bass maestro Stan Stammers evil snarl at times,lovely bloke really,but was

impressive as was his distinctive bass style and sound,one of the great bass players IMHO,melodic but with attack when required.The rest of the set

mixed newer songs from the last album "Kinshi" with classics from the first "Westworld" and also songs form the second album "Aria of the Devil"

including "Americano's" one of my personal favourites,that is one song that showed the loss of one octave in Kirks voice,so he has to slightly adapt the

way he sings the chorus,i personally prefer his voice now,we were also treated to a song they don't play that often "My own Invention" a dark song with

a line about the infamous child killer Mary Bell (Dark Stuff) it's got a line about ex despot Idi Amin to,Moving on good crowd of hardcore fans some

with sort of quiffs trying to look like Kirk.Last song was the first single "Legion" one of their best songs,a few minor mistakes and Kirk looked a bit

tired after 20 date Spear tour,but he still came to bar after and spoke at length to anyone who wanted to talk and have things signed,I had brief

chat with him and Guitarist Adrian Portas very nice bloke,and just as I was about to leave Drummer Chris Bell came out,remember him? played

for Hugh for about 10 years then suddenly wen't,He told me what happened but it was private conversation,he said he didn't mind me saying,but
i think it's best left alone.To sum up TOH are and were fantastic,and a special mention to the powerhouse drumming of Chris Bell,what a drummer.

Lt Kudu back on ops in? over and out.PS catch TOH when you can.
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