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Early shift allowed me to hear "Brief Lives" the half hour obituary programme on Radio Five live at 6am on a Sunday Morning.

Managed to catch an interesting segment about the death of New York Dolls Bassist Arthur "Killer Kane" who died on July 13th. Arthur had always hoped the Dolls would reform for one last time and got his wish when they played the Albert Hall in June. One of the band members was interviewed plus someone else from the American music press and even Morrisey got a mention - citing the fact that he used to run the British side of the Dolls Fanclub - a fact that was new to me but maybe not new to you.

Anyway, as expected, the topic moved on to Punk and the Dolls influence on that whole scene. How important a part do you think they played and was their influence overstated or do they deserve the credit for the Punk movement - a claim seemed happy to accept when suggested by the presenter.
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