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Saw them on tuesday night. Very unusual for me to pay to see another band, but a mate of mine who I converted to the stranglers a couple of years back is a big fan of them and I felt moraly obliged to go along, with his posse.
They played at Blackburn King Georges hall, and it's 25 years ago that I last went there, to see my first ever stranglers concert (how come there's no misty-eyed, weeping type icon Jim?) :p
got to admit, I wasn't remotely interested in seeing the Sawdoctors and probably missed at least the first half hour of the gig, still in a pub on my own, anyway, if you ain't heard of them, the Sawdoctors are an Irish band, song based, some songs quite 'jiggy', that's all I know about em.
As the gig went on, I lost my apathy and quite enjoyed them, they are definitely a band that are better live than on records, they really seemed to enjoy playing live, are good at it, look the part and have catchy songs with singlong choruses that get the crowd well into things, I'd see them again.
They haven't had much chart success here, a couple of minor hits, but seem to gig quite a lot all over the place. It's always difficult I think, when you see another band, not to compare them to the stranglers. So here goes, musically there is no comparison, apart from the fact that they are good musicians, they gig a lot as do the stranglers and have a very enthusiastic following, same again. However - and this is the point of this post...crowd size....
My freind, Having seen the Stranglers with me 4 times and wishing to impress me with the Sawdoctors 'following' (he was telling me for ages how popular they are), I was embarrased for him with the size of the turnout, only a third full at best. It didn't stop it from being a good gig, or for all those there letting their hair down, but it left me to ponder 2 things.
Firstly, I was quite proud that the Stranglers following is so large and any 'virgin' you take to a stranglers gig is always impressed with it.
Secondly, great gigs as they all may be for all concerned, it's a bloody strange thing they didn't tap into that market and make sure Norfolk Coast sold better.
Oh well..... :glare:
....near the nearside window.....
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