The Jam some good songs but rather boring imho

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Re: The Jam some good songs but rather boring imho

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kenl wrote: 04 Feb 2021, 21:00 Saw the Jam at the Glasgow Apollo in November 78. Great gig.
Really liked their early stuff but (considering myself a punk) I fell away from them when the parka brigade appeared.

AMC and Setting Sons especially are classic albums. Setting Sons is one of my favourite albums.
Down in the Tube Station is my favourite Jam song.
Bizarre how they never reformed.
Never saw The Jam , did have the chance and I believe The Wall were support band but I went to see Discharge & GBH same night , same city (Brum ) . You wouldn't get that these days I guess even no restrictions etc .Maybe in hindsight I should have seen The Jam but I guess I thought there would be many more chances . The Jam were a great singles band , possibly best of that era , any Jam song for a few years was guaranteed to be a big hit where often The Stranglers bombed despite good quality songs . I guess there was rivalry between the fans but not bands , maybe because if both bands punk links , however tenuous . I do believe after the Discharge gig a lot of punks went to Brum mod bashing .
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