New 999 Album

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New 999 Album

Post by theraven1979 »

Sounds pretty good on first listen. Anyone else got it?

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Re: New 999 Album

Post by Lafleur »

Not bad and not great. Some heavy bass lines. Fave song on first listen "Crazy Tuesday World".

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Re: New 999 Album

Post by punkerdgray »

Mines arrived yesterday on first listen wasn’t keen on it hopefully it will grow on me.

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Re: New 999 Album

Post by toilerinblack »

no i havent...but blimmey i havent heard or thought of 999 since the early to mid 80s.Ive seen them live twice in the 80s great band... dunno what they sound like today might check out the new stuff.But they were yeah a great 80s band.

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