Tubeway Army

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Tubeway Army

Post by MiB81 »

Couldn't believe there wasn't already a topic on Gazza and his band, but
after doing a wee search it was mostly me that had talked about them.
I know Adrian's a big fan, wondered if there's others.
Also, was listening to Bombers the other day and wondered if the bridge/
outro reminded anyone else of anything? :lol: About 55secs in first time...

Ever since first hearing it on John Peel, here's a tune that just doesn't get
old, for me. I don't stick it on so much but if it suddenly appears it's another
one of those tunes (like Golden Brown) that I love and always sounds great.
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Re: Tubeway Army

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling »

Yep a fan too since ‘78 until early 80’s then lost track.
Just got the first 2 LP’s and 1st solo LP and early singles.

Not heard that version, the drums sound off the beat then in, deffo got the GRIP riff and the vocals at 0.57 whatever yep totally GRIP.

Was Mr Numan a fan?
Sounds like it.
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Re: Tubeway Army

Post by Bobinblack »

'Replicas' is TA isn't it? Absolute classic IMHO. I wasn't an avid fan other than that really (was worrying it was a GN solo album too just now) but I have massive respect for Numan. Thought he lost his way in the 90s but then bounced back with some great material.

I don't think the music biz gives him enough kudos TBH, I always felt the same about Vince Clarke too even though they're different pioneers of electronica. And John Foxx is well under-appreciated too - when TA/GN came to prominence I remember a lot of criticism of Gary for ripping Foxx and Ultravox off but in all honesty, they sound(ed) unalike to me. People thought Numan was going to be one of those 'few hit wonders' but he showed 'em.

And FAD GADGET was a genius ;)
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Re: Tubeway Army

Post by Lafleur »

Yeah, some fine tracks from Tubeway Army. And don't forget this one:

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