Spear Of Destiny 24/09/19 -Swindon Level 3 Club.

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Spear Of Destiny 24/09/19 -Swindon Level 3 Club.

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Friends,Romans and Countrymen to quote a regular Kirk Brandon greeting,had to see Spear again after Southampton a few weeks ago,in the gorgeous

town of Swindon,now sorry I have been to a lot of shitholes,at the risk of upsetting people I won't mention them but Swindon takes my first prize,the only good part is the Railway Museum,I last wen't to swindon about 10 years ago for gig,I forgot how terrible it is,anyway moving on,on a shit night
weather wise I made my way to the tiny Level 3 Club,I saw Hugh their around 1993 must have been about 50 people to see Hugh,But of course for Spear there was a good turnout.

The Support band were pretty good a Yanky band called Feather trade with a rather sexy looking female Bass player (can I say that these day's) but not

only was she nice on the eye she was a fucking good player,very up in mix,reminded me of JJ's style of bass playing,they were a Punk band of course

3 piece and were pretty good with excellent drummer to,now on to main event Kirk and band came on a 21.30 to play "The One Eyed Jack's" album.first

song the anthemic "Rainmaker" followed by the rest of the album,after that they wen't off and came back to play various songs from The Spear

catalogue including "Soldier Soldier" etc and two songs from the last album "Tontine" which they didn't play at Southampton,well what can I say fucking

fantastic again,whoever does Kirks sound needs a mention,vocal crystal clear displaying the tour de force of Kirks Vocals,he has lost an octave over the

years but still has an amazing voice,I actually prefer it now to be honest,the man puts so much into his performance you think his lungs are going to

exploud,just amazing,last song was "World Service" with Kirk conducting the appreciative crowd in a singalong.I must again mention his fucking great

backing band Steve Allen Jones Keyboards,Craig Adams Bass,Sax Player from TOH (can't remember his name,its replacement for John Boy Lennard) Adrian Portas lead guitar and last but not least the brilliant drumming of Mike Martini,Kirk always seems to get great drummers,over the years
we have had Dolphin Taylor,Luke Rendle,the late great Nigel Preston who drummed on "She Sells Sanctuary" by "The Cult",Chris Bell orignal Spear Drummer and now drumming for "Theatre of Hate" and also Buzzcock's drummer Danny Farrant who has drummed for Spear and TOH.

Kirk came out after gig to chat etc,lovely bloke I have to say.To sum up Spear were on top form and have been the whole tour,I advise you to catch them when you can they are one of the great live bands.

Friends,Romans and Countrymen,Lt Kudu trying to get out of Swindon,over and out. Ps sorry for the Swearing,blame Baz it rubs off after a while.

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Re: Spear Of Destiny 24/09/19 -Swindon Level 3 Club.

Post by gizzard »

I went to this also, fantastic gig, a band on top of their form.

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