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Post by pigeon » 29 Jan 2018, 12:34

The mighty Machine Head are back with the new album "Catharsis"which came out on Friday 26th January I have yet to get it because i have not had the time due to i have been working quite a lot recently. But judging from the song's i have heard the band release on you tube they have tried something different this time round.

The first song i heard from the album, has some nice string's to start of with, and some soft singing, the song is in almost two sections,as it explodes into the riffing i have come to expect from Machine Head with flynn Screaming "Can you feel my Catharsis .... wraghhh". first thoughts i like it.

"Beyond the pale" up next the complete oposite to Catharsis, straight forward metal/hard rock song.

opener of the album, instantly hits you in the face with flynn screaming "WRRAGH FUCK THE WORLD" this is an outcry to trumps America, its a basic in you're face fuck you, to all the nazi, right -wing,rednecks hatred in America, covers everything you expect it to and then some. The chorus "These times are fucking Volatile" are never far from the song itself. With flynn doing a kind of rap to the lyrics. I never tire of this one.

Which leads to "Bastards" now this is a very different Machine Head song, which almost doesn't sound like Machine head at all. an acoustic almost Drop Kick Murphey's style of sound with flynn singing "Don't let the bastards grind you down". This song has been hugely knocked on the internet.

"Kaladiscope" a straight forward hard rock /metal song. Apart from "Volatile" i play this second to most lyric example are "i don't give a fuck,about your'e shit". Overall looking forward to getting the album.

Arthur Streeb-Greebling
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Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling » 12 Feb 2018, 21:40

This months Classic Rock mag gave the new album a top review calling it a life-affirming masterpiece! 9/10. Will check it out, not really listened to em since the first album, Davidians riff at the end is still in my top 20 guitar riffs ever. The Lord Riff-Meister General, Tony Iommi would be proud of these guys.
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