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Neon Hearts

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‘Popular Music’
10 track red vinyl LP only • Label: Overground
Cat. No: OVER 154LP • Barcode: 689492181611
Release Date: 14th April 2017

The Neon Hearts were formed in the spring of 1977 by saxophonist Steve Heart who had left Suburban Studs. Other members soon joined: Paul Raven (bass), Keith Allen (drums), Martin Ratcliffe (guitar) and Tone Dial (vocals).

The band were highly committed and rehearsed for 3 hours nightly. They soon had plenty of songs and entered Ginger Studios to record the best of them. The result was the now legendary double A-side ‘Regulations’ and 'Venus Eccentric', released in December 1977 on their own Neon Hearts label. Packaged in an outrageous oversized 8" cover, a copy will now set you back £60.

The band established their own punk venue at the Lord Raglan in Wolverhampton and gigged furiously nationwide, building a substantial following and reaching the attention of many labels.

Despite various options, Neon Hearts made the wrong decision and signed to Satril. Immediately things started to go wrong as the label tried to manipulate the band by rewriting their lyrics, allowing them no say in the production of the records and releasing singles without their consent.

Satril released two singles ‘Answers’ and ‘Popular Music’. Line-up changes followed and by the time the album (also titled ‘Popular Music’) was released in April 1979, the band, dispirited, had already split.

There was a brief reformation before Tony joined Fashion, Paul Raven joined Killing Joke and later Prong and Steve formed 21c (21st Century).

This album closely repros the artwork of the original, but with the addition of a 12” card insert with sleeve notes from Steve Harrington, is packaged in a heavy duty cover and is on red vinyl and limited to just 500 copies.

Track Listing:
Popular Music /Armchair Thriller /Answers /Pin Cushions /Body Language /Number One Fan /Hideaway /Pretty As A Picture /Get So Many Pains /Party Games

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Re: Neon Hearts

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Being from Wolverhampton I remember them well as they were the only punk band we knew. Saw them at the Raglan. I was around 13/14. I think a lad from our school joined them for a while, he was the drummer. Was the first single Venus eccentric or something similar?
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Re: Neon Hearts

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I still have the original album...not very good is it?

I bought the single 'Popular Music' after hearing Neon Hearts perform it on a BBC show ('Look Here'?) which Toyah presented way back in the day. I think 1979 was the year, maybe 1980.

Although the single was a decent tune there wasn't much more to offer on the album, at least that was my experience.
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Re: Neon Hearts

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Martin Ratcliffe and Paul Raven produced an album for us, Headcount. Die Monkey Die. We recorded a lot at Martin's place. A top fella. Lovely man.

As for Raven, he was a gloriously naughty boy. Still miss that lump. RIP.
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