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With ref to the locked debate, in order to lighten the mood a little here's a joke for you.
A sex starved sailor steps ashore after a long voyage, he is desperate to visit the red light district but being an unlucky gambler he has lost most of his pay and possesions in a card game, and has only £10 and a pair of plimsols to his name. He knocks on the door of the first whore house and is greeted by a gorgeous young blond who asks "what can I do for you big boy?" The sailor replies "any chance of a shag? I've only got ten quid and a pair of plimsols? The girl says "no chance love, its £100 here, try up the road where their a bit cheaper.
So the sailor walks half way up the street and knocks on a door, he is greeted by a not unatractive 40 year old brunette. He asks, "any chance of a shag? i've only got ten quid and a pair of plimsols. The woman replies
"no chance, its £50 here, try up the road."
The sailor walks on and finally arrives at the last house and knocks on the door. wherepon he is met by a very haggered looking 55 year old with saggy tits and grey hair. "any chance of a shag " he asks, "I've only got ten quid and a pair of plimsols".
"Yeah come on in " replies the whore, "but I have to warn you I'm not much good", "thats o.k." says the sailor, "i'm desperate" and he enters the house.
Within minutes the sailor is pumping away and the woman is grunting and breathing heavily, writhing around, one minute her legs are in the air, the next wrapped tightly around the sailors body. "Fuck me" says the sailor,
I thought you said you wern't much good", I'm not replies the woman, I'm just trying on the plimsols!!

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