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02 Bills

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Just received an e mail with a Virus claiming to be from O2 Bills dept - Just thought I'd warn you all


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Thanks for the warning Nick. There's nothing like a viral infection to spoil your day. Had to completely wipe my hard drive and start from scratch the last time it happened to me (about 2 years ago). I'm well protected against them now but you can't be too careful.

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Organ Grinder
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Wouldn't suprise me if O2 actually did send emails with visuses in to be honest!

They have to be the shittest mobile phone company I've ever had the displeasure of being with.

If I recieved an email from them I'd ignore it anyway - just like I do their bills. I wait until they phone me begging for money before I pay them and hopefully that causes headaches their end. :-)
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O2 do indeed suck big ones. Never been with them but the amount of abuse my boss gives them every day "You're a communications company, communicate with me!!!!" tells me not to ever get involved with them. Incidently, just picked up a Samsung D600 after years of been a Nokia supporter I could be changing

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