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YES !!

Finally - confirmation that the stranglers won't spend the remainder of the year at festivals and then touring every hamlet and farm in France. Rats Flair has not one but TWO tours for CANADA - "a few dates" in Oct and "a full tour in Feb" .

Plus a deal with United Arists in canada.
All of this is brilliant - few details that Dr Black or other strangler connected readers might want to check up on...

1. Promotion - last couple of gigs have had shit promotion and advertising they've gotta hook up with a radio station for free promotion and make sure ya get in the university/college papers (cheap as fuck for a half page ad)

2. The 05 tour - much as I hate to say this - study the weather for Canada in February...fucking freezing - like -30 or worse some days...freezing and snow up to yr arse...did anyone tell them this ! A "full" tour implies going to smaller towns or cities (FYI They are even colder and shit at clearing snow - plus watch out for moose at night - a bus hitting an adult bull moose - will be a toss up who wins; easier with cars - the moose always wins !)

3. GET SOME ADVANCE RADIO PLAY/TV ACTION...we haven't heard from you for a long long time and Norfolk coast is a rare and expensive UK import available in maybe three or four cities only (Toronto, montreal, Vancouver...maybe calgary)

Any and every shred of gossip, rumour, detail etc about any Canadian dates please post. Its been a long time coming.
Freddie Laker showed them what to do...
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