F***ing Joggers

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Re: F***ing Joggers

Post by Jon the Impaler »

I used to run(note run not jog ) 50- 60 miles a week and raced at least one per week . Trouble is right now people stuck in with nothing to do ,time on their hands . I do still run even at 57 but do more walking and it's all off road on country footpaths .
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Re: F***ing Joggers

Post by droopsnoot »

pigeon wrote: 07 Apr 2020, 16:08
elvisintheclouds wrote: 07 Apr 2020, 11:55
pigeon wrote: 06 Apr 2020, 22:46 They should be arrested for going against the 2 meter rule. Ricky Gervais brought this up the other day, it's a nightmare for him to leave the house as it is, he had to wait 10 minutes outside a pharmacist, & was dangerously close to a member of the public, so he took a walk round the block, & who did he encounter a bloody jogger!. Who happened to be coughing as they were on the same pavement.
Poor chap, can you get him on the thread Pidge (is he a Stranglers fan)??...
I'm not sure, i know he likes the smiths! on this particular podcast he said he was going to do an interview with Liam Gallagher, of Oasis.

Out on my walk today i counted non other that 6 joggers, including one woman, who coughed as she ran passed us. but she was running in the road, to keep the 2m distance rule.
Not everyone who coughs has the virus. It "can be" a symptom of it, not "definitely is" a symptom of it.

10 minutes outside a pharmacist? Our local one is (or was, last week) queueing around the car park, approximately an hour from the back of the queue to the door. Of course, the length of the queue is because no-one can estimate 2m properly, so they're all about 6m away from each other.
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Re: F***ing Joggers

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Saw a jogger out today, she had huge fucking tits and I was most impressed. They were bouncing about all over the place and she nearly had her eye out. I’m now quite a fan of joggers and hope to see more of the huge bouncing tit style of jogger.
Lovely stuff :P

Male joggers I’m not too keen on though and they can fuck off, unless of course they have big tits too and I might be tempted to have a look at their wonderful moobs :smt006

I saw a woman in the park last year and she wasn’t even jogging but she had her huge tits out and had one of them stuck in a baby’s mouth.
Anyway like many men in the park seemed to be doing i went for a closer look (at her tits, not the baby) 8)

So yeah I’m all for Women joggers but they must be topless and have huge bouncing bastard baps on display or I ain’t interested :roll:
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Re: F***ing Joggers

Post by PaulinLondon »

Fucking joggers !!!!!!
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Re: F***ing Joggers

Post by elvisintheclouds »

Thank you very much
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