famous people you have met.

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famous people you have met.

Post by sewer rat »

I invite you all to join in here to tell us of any celebs you have met.....i'll start off....in 1992 the ramones and the damned doubled up at the Brixton academy for two nights. me and 3 others waited for hours, in freezing temps, down the side of the academy. up rolled a coach and off came the ramones. fuck me....shook joey's hand and said..."Christ, ah thought ah was tall"...then shook johnny's hand and said...."really looking forward to the show tonight". about 20 minutes later the damned appeared one by one. it was the 1980-82 line up. said hi to vanian and paul gray. shouted sensible's a wanker. a few years later in Edinburgh we met all the Phantom Chords in a pub across from the venue they were playing. spoke to roman jug for a minute or two...he was sound. spoke to vanian (again).....who else?...oh aye...whilst down in London for the damned's 40th at the RAH...we met eddie izzard and got a selfie plus had a quick chat. he was resplendent in black leggings, huge high heels, long black nails and a pink beret. good guy tho. later on we met boris Johnson on his bike at some traffic lights. we just gave him some friendly Scottish abuse. ah think that's it
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by Boody »

Once met David Seaman. Absolute man-mountain.

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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by marky »

glen matlock on the iow ferry hushing me when I mentioned his name like the rest of the people on the boat would swarm over him as hes so famous also met and chatted to ian Botham very friendly Geoff boycott ditto jj burnel and jet black nice blokes
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by theraven1979 »

Ian McShane on a night or in Wakefield. He was lost and asked me and me mate where the theatre was. When we helped him on his way he said "you should come along its gonna be good!" Then stuck his thumbs in the air as if to show just how good it was gonna be. Needless to say me and me mate who were both about 19 at the time decided not to bother.

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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by kjblack »

I've met the actor who played Sinbad the window cleaner from Brookside.

A nice man, very similar to Sinbad the window cleaner from Brookside.
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by Hammersmith1982 »

I've met Hugh (Tivoli in Wimborne) and could not speak to him properly :lol: :lol: :lol:

I also met my hero and idol Keith Floyd at the Lighthouse in Poole doing a show. He was fantastic and spent a few minutes with us after signing books and chatting about food.

I've met Fish at a record signing and a few others, but Fish/Floyd and Cornwell do me ok :grin: :grin: :grin:
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by db63 »

Ray winstone in a London pub years ago.
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by Ravenette »

Bruce Dickinson, twice. Patrick Cameron (famous hairdresser) a few times and Trevor Sorbie - another famous hairdresser. All when I worked in publishing. Oh, and Black Rod gave me a tour of Westminster Library. Also Toyah and briefly, Hazel O' Connor. Does Spizz count? Or has everyone met him?

Oh and the drummer from Status Quo, when I was a bit pissed and barged backstage. Not one of my finer moments! :oops:
All very lovely, friendly people.
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by Nothingonearth »

3 Stranglers. Ainsley Harriot at a wedding last weekend. Top guy
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by Rockula »

Leslie Crowther knocked me over in 1974 running off a football pitch after a charity match.
Eddie Large stopped to pick me up.

I spent a night in the pub with Idris Elba, James Marsters and Antony Head (amongst other actors from various 'vampire' films and shows) after a Sc-Fi convention turned particularly boring and they asked me where to get a decent drink.

I've met a lot of my musical heroes cause I was a music promoter and tour driver. But most of those stories I can't tell you cause 'what happens on tour stays on tour'. It's the law. :lol:
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by jetblacksdad »

All of Killing Joke.
Two or three on a regular basis.
JJ Burnel
Adam Ant
Marco Pirroni (he is a mate so that doesn't count)
Bobby Moore
Jimmy Page - a gent
Sensible a few times - hilarious
Bruce Dickinson - down to earth
Roger McGough (the poet. Very rude and ungrateful for a favour done)
Justin Sullivan of NMA
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Re: famous people you have met.

Post by PaulinLondon »

I have a rather long list but will start with Roger Moore in New York.

Having spotted him outside his hotel, I went up to him and said, "Good Morning".

He smiled, raised his eyebrow and replied, "Good Morning".

We shook hands and I walked off.

:lol: :lol:
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