Backinblack? not yet.

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Backinblack? not yet.

Post by badvlad »

Hi. Dave Higginson here, aka BadVlad.

I don't really do forums, not very good at them to be honest but some users here may also use Facebook and you may have noticed I had taken my profile off a couple of weeks or so ago.

It was nothing to do with the Familyinblack in any way at all. It was purely a personal reason. However due to some recent events on a thread of a hobby of mine I thought it might be an idea to give a basic reason for my absence and owed it to some folks to explain a little.

My Facebook profile had some things on that were family related and I did not want to have it broadcast to all and sundry. Then two weeks ago my wife had an operation on one of her eyes. The same evening of this operation my youngest brother died suddenly in tragic circumstances. As you may appreciate the last couple of weeks have been fairly stressful and we still have the funeral to organise.

My wife had the all clear from the hospital today. The arrangements for my brother are still taking place and the family issues are ongoing.

In the meantime I am staying away from Facebook for my own reasons. I am undecided as to whether to return but I am missing the Familyinblack and the
banter. I am on Twitter (@The Strangler) and Instagram (stranglerdave). I know a few FiB are there too.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of the FiB as I can in March...see you down the front!

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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by elvisintheclouds »

Condolences for your loss Dave.
And best to your wife, your family and yourself.
See you in March mate!
Thank you very much
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by foolsrushout »

sorry for your sad Loss Dave ...
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by beebop »

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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by Bobinblack »

All the best, Dave.
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by evonx »

Condolences Dave. Take care mate. Hope to bump into you come March or some other time. We sure will!
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by theraven1979 »

Sorry to hear that Dave - hope to see you at one of the gigs soon.

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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by feline !! »

so, sorry to here about this tragic situation, our sincere condolences to you and your family. we are only a phone call away, or a visit away if your passing through,take care of yourself,see you in march with Thefamilyinblack....
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by ThruBeingCool »

Dave, sorry to hear about this...catch you later. You are a legend!

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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by Bag Lady »

Sorry to hear all that Dave. Hope to see you in March.
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by The Strangler »

Sorry to hear the news Dave. All the best from the valleys, and hope to catch you in next month
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Re: Backinblack? not yet.

Post by Pam »

We're so sorry to hear that Dave. Are thinking of you and your family, and look forward to seeing you in March. x
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