Things you fecken hate..........

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Re: Things you fecken hate..........

Post by jason »

Road ragers. I accidently got in the wrong lane the other day and had to change lanes at the lights and some bloke behind me was going mental! :lol:
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Re: Things you fecken hate..........

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Jon the Impaler wrote:
jason wrote: 17 Mar 2021, 20:38 Getting to the supermarket and realising you don't have any carrier bags on you but you've got about 95 at home! :?
What about getting to supermarket and then realising you've left wallet at home .
Don't have or use mobiles so I haven't got that thing where you pay from them .
Bet you pay in Cash too??? ImageImageImageImage

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Re: Things you fecken hate..........

Post by MiB81 »

Having no access to my email account, and, by extension, Virgin fucken Media and their
"Customer Service" dicks. :evil: :evil: :evil:
...I'm making lists of all the people I love,
and all the cunts that should fuck off...
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