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Phil Coxon's excellent tour diary http://www.thestranglers.co.uk/?p=3429
Thanks also to Duncan Round and Ken Sander

19.1.81 Thrown Away single released - makes no.42 in charts
8.2.81 Cardiff Top Rank (Cancelled)
9.2.81 The Gospel According To The Meninblack album released
9.2.81 Bristol Locarno
10.2.81 Plymouth Polytechnic (Replaced Exeter University)
11.2.81 Southampton Gaumont
12.2.81 Canterbury Odeon Support from "The Wall" http://www.punk77.co.uk/talkpunk/viewto ... 0&start=15
13.2.81 Brighton Top Rank
15.2.81 Hammersmith Odeon Link 2
16.2.81 Birmingham Odeon
17.2.81 Hanley Victoria Hail, Stoke
18.2.81 Sheffield Polytechnic Link 2
19.2.81 Nottingham Rock City
20.2.81 Liverpool University
21.2.81 Manchester Apollo
https://www.psaudio.com/article/pond-ho ... tranglers/
23.2.81 Durham University
24.2.81 Edinburgh Playhouse
25.2.81 Glasgow Apollo
26.2.81 Newcastle Mayfair
27.2.81 Lancaster University
28 2 81 Leeds University
3.3.81 Leicester De Montfort Hall
4.3.81 Coventry New Theatre
5.3.81 East Anglia University, Norwich
6.3.81 Cambridge Corn Exchange
7.3.81 London Rainbow


Band arrive in New York and check into Manhattan's Abbey Victoria Hotel (51st and 7th Avenue) https://www.psaudio.com/article/the-str ... stateside/

26.3.81 Privates, Lexington Arts Center, New York (band on stage 00:30) Support: Wall of Voodoo / Bee Girls
27.3.81 Privates, Lexington Arts Center, New York Support: Wall of Voodoo / Bee Girls
28.3.81 Privates, Lexington Arts Center, New York Support: Wall of Voodoo / Bee Girls Image

30.3.81 Nicos, Allentown, Pennsylvania - This was the day of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan
31.3.81 Center Stage, Providence, Rhode Island (rock club with a capacity of 800)
1.4.81 The Channel, Fort Point, Boston, Mass.
2.4.81 The Shaboo Inn in Willimantic, Connecticut (low stage)
3.4.81 Left Bank, Mount Vernon, New York - band onstage at 01:30am (support Single Bullet Theory)
4.4.81 Irving Plaze, New York City (band and crew stay at Abbey Victoria) gig finishes after 2am
5.4.81 Day Off
6.4.81 Toad's Place, New Haven, Connecticut - band onstage at 11pm
7.4.81 West Orange Creations Club, NJ
8.4.81 Virginia Beach, Virginia
9.4.81 Richmond,Virginia
10.4.81 Ontario Theatre, Washington DC (support from Fleshtones and Insect Surfers)
11.4.81 Cherry Hill, Emerald City
12.4.81 Day Off (Sunday - band drive back up to NYC)
13.4.81 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14.4.81 Bogarts, Cincinatti, Ohio (on way to gig Ken Sander gets pulled over for speeding with Hugh and JJ in car)
15.4.81 Tyrone’s, Athens, Georgia (band onstage at 10pm)
17.4,81 688 Club, Georgia, Atlanta
18.4.81 688 Club, Georgia, Atlanta
19.4.81 Day Off (Sunday - band travel 500 miles to New Orleans)
20.4.81 Ole Man Rivers, New Orleans (band drive all night 365 miles to Houston)
21.4.81 Agora Ballroom Houston, Texas (band onstage 10.30pm)
23.4.81 Austin Texas Klub Foot.
24.4.81 Dallas Club Bijou
25.4.81 Lawrence Opera Opry House, Kansas - New Era support
28.4.81 Boulder Colorado, Blu Note
29.4.81 Boulder Colorado, Blu Note

1.5.81 Perkins Palace, Pasadena, California
2.5.81 Reseda Country Club
3.5.81 Bacchanal, San Diego
4.5.81 Flipper's Hollywood ("with special guest Robert Williams") ??
cgi.ebay.comwseBayISAPI.dllVISuperSize&item=370354277064 - Google Chrome.jpg
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8.5.81 Keystone , Palo Alto, California
9.5.81 The Stone, San Francisco
14.5.81 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
the_stone.jpg (255.27 KiB) Viewed 10433 times
20.5.81 Uncle Sam's, Minneapolis
24.5.81 Milwaukee The Palms
27.5.81 Dooley's East Lansing
28.5.81 Detroit - Clutch Cargo's (on Elizabeth Street) ??
29.5.81 Fryfogle's, London, ON
30.5.81 Toronto, Canada

(also Vancouver somewhere round this time probably Commodore Ballroom also Duluth)
81 Winnipeg's Playhouse Theatre (peaches handed out to audience)

1.6.81 Ottawa - Civic Centre - Support from Men Without Hats.
"the Stranglers at the salons of the civic centre in Lansdowne Park. It was the spring of 1981 and the band was on their ‘Men in Black’ tour. In the audience I saw for the first time real, live punk rockers complete with leather, studs, mohawks and Doc Marten boots. The opening act was Montreal’s ‘Men without Hats’ whose synth/dance pop left me cold. But the Stranglers – although not exactly young lions even then – grabbed me right away. No cameras were allowed in, and I was awestruck when lead singer Hugh Cornell dove headfirst into the crowd and fought his way toward someone taking illicit photos. He got a hold of the camera, ripped out the film, and was back on stage before the band missed a note." http://ottawaexplosion.blogspot.com/200 ... rning.html
2.6.81 Montreal Le Club, Canada
3.6.81 Montreal Le Club, Canada
10.6.81 The Starlite Ballroom, Philadelphia, support from Circle Jerks and The Excuses
11.6.81 The Showplace, Dover, New Jersey
12.6.81 Bond International Casino, New York (midnight show?)
13.6.81 Bond International Casino, New York (midnight show?)
Bonds_81.jpg (187.13 KiB) Viewed 198 times

July is spent writing the La Folie album at Jets house.

August 81 - Recording of the La Folie album commences

28.9.81 Leeds - Special One off gig ?


09.11.81 La Folie Album Released
11.11.81 The Granary, Bristol
14.11.81 Let Me Introduce You To The Family single released makes no.42 in charts
14.11.81 Norwich University
15.11.81 Birmingham, Odeon
16.11.81 Cardiff, Sophia Gardens
17.11.81 Hammersmith Palais (gig filmed?)
19.11.81 Southampton,Gaumont
20.11.81 Nottingham Rock City
22.11.81 Edinburgh Playhouse
23.11.81 Glasgow
24.11,81 Newcastle City Hall
25.11.81 Manchester Apollo
26.11.81 Liverpool Royal Court
27.11.81 Bradford St. Georges Hall Link 2
28.11.81 Sheffield Lyceum
30.11.81 Ulster Hall, Belfast
2.12.81 Loughborough University
3.12.81 Bath Pavilliion
4.12.81 Rainbow Theatre, London

West Runton Pavillion, Norfolk?? https://www.edp24.co.uk/features/herita ... -1-6778906) "“When punk first started there was a lot of spitting and throwing beer about going on, but that had faded out in most places by this time, but I can remember Hugh Cornwell [the Stranglers’ lead singer] had a towel constantly hanging from his guitar because people just kept spitting at him and JJ Burnel on the bass and in the end he had to tell them ‘stop spitting it’s not 1977 anymore’.

“Most people stopped but one person kept having a go at JJ Burnel and in the end he snapped and threw his bass down and jumped into the crowd after him and the bloke legged it out of the venue and down the road - and that was very funny.

“When he came back Hugh Cornwell said the bloke was ‘just swimming across to Norway’, it was really funny.”

Mr Harvey saw the band three times on their 1981 tour and paid just £2 to get in that night." Stuart Harvey
"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"