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Jan.80 Bangkok
Feb 80 Hamburg Markthalle
Feb.80 Saarbrucken, Germany
Mar.80 Calcutta Sports Stadium Bombay CCI Stadium Delhi & Cairo dates - Cancelled
08.3.80 Bear Cage single released - makes no.36 in charts
21.3.80 Hugh in jail for possible 8 weeks
3.4.80 The Rainbow - Without Hugh - Monochrome Set, UB40 provide support
4.4.80 The Rainbow - Without Hugh - Joy Division, Section 25, The Soul Boys provide support http://www.skippyscage.com/features/rainbow.html
25.4.80 Hugh released from prison
07.6.80 Who Wants The World? single released - makes no.39 in charts
11.6.80 Caen, France (Very doubtful as a recording of the following evening states the first gig)
12.6.80 Rouen, France http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/viewtopi ... 20&t=13385
13.6.80 Paris, France
14.6.80 Paris Fete Du PSV, Parc Départementa, Courneuve Festlval, France (could be the 15th) outdoor festival organized by the "Parti Socialiste Unifié"
"This "Fete du PSU" was an outdoor festival and the Stranglers were scheduled on the main stage, but rain started to fall, and the gig was moved to a big tent.

When the fans entered the tent, a sort of french female folk singer, Anne Syvestre, was on stage ; as you may guess, her style of acoustic music was the exact opposite of the Stranglers music ! So the fans started to boo at this singer... without any result ! Then they threw 'water bombs' (plastic bags full of - hopefully - water...) at her ; one of these bombs fell on her guitar ; she said :
- Oh no, not on my guitar !
... and immediately a second bomb was thrown right onto her face ! This time she stopped singing. I have the vision of her, walking off stage, her hair and clothes all wet... That was a cruel situation, but that's the way it happened in those days..."

18.6.80 Montpetier, France
20.6.80 Nice University, France - Band arrested
26.6.80 Athens, Greece Cancelled - band in prison
27.6.80 Band released from prison
29.6.80 Thessaloniki, Greece (Cancelled)
30.6.80 Radio Punto ???
2.7.80 Castel ,St. Angelo, Rome, ltaly http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/forums/v ... 20&t=18678
3.7.80 Parma Palasport, Italy
17.8.80 Bilzen Festival, Belgium Lineup - also included Urban Heroes, Katchies, Dexys Midnight Runners, Girlschool, Lambrettas, The Shirts, The Kids


7.7.80 The Rainbow, London
8.7.80 The Rainbow, London
9.7.80 The Rainbow, London (Support from The Tea Set for this tour) http://www.theteaset.org.uk/html/gigography.html
10.7.80 Crawley Leisure Centre
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11.7.80 Bristol Colston Hall
12.7.80 Beezlebub's, St.Austel New Cornish Riviera
13.7.80 Southampton Gaumont
14.7.80 Ipswich Gaumont
16.7.80 Birmingham Odeon
17.7.80 Sunderland Locarno (A young Baz Warne is in the crowd)
18.1.80 Glasgow Apollo
20.7.80 Edinburgh Playhouse
21.7.80 Blackburn King George's Hall
22.7.80 Manchester Apo!lo
23.7.80 Corby, Northants - Benefit For Steel Workers
24.7.80 Stoke Kings Hall
25.7.80 Oxford New Theatre
27.7.80 Lyceum Ballroom, London
14.8.83 Liège Coronmeuse (Halle Des Foires) Inside festival 83??
17.8.80 Guildford Civic Hall (Support From The Tea Set)
18.8.80 Bath Pavillion (Support From The Tea Set)
19.8.80 Nottingham Thatre Royal - TV "Rockstage" gig
20.8.80 Liverpool Brady's Club (Opening Night) (Support From The Tea Set)


10.10.80 Cherry Hill.Emerald City, NJ.
11.10.80 Asbury Park, New Jersey
12.10.80 Albany
13.10 80 Amherst, New York
14.10.80 Boston, The Channel
15.10.80 Willimantic, Connecticut
16.10.80 Aldos Hideaway, Lyndhurst, New Jersey
17.10.80 New York
18.10.80 Club 57 Irving Plaza/New York, NY - Skafish support https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/da ... =2048x2048
20.10.80 Roslyn, Long Island
21.10.80 Ritz Club, New York (Band`s equipment gets stolen after gig)
22.10.80 Washington
23.10.80 Raliegh, NC
24.10.80 Club 57, New York ????? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ECeCaq9W4AY ... name=large
25.10.80 Atlanta
27.10.80 New Orleans
28.10.80 Houston, Texas
29.10.80 Clubfoot, Austin, Texas "Their only Austin appearance was at brand new punk club called Club Foot. Formerly the 404 Club, one of Austin's first gay hotspots, Club Foot's opening night had the Stranglers as headliners. But the show was poorly publicized, the club was unknown, and nobody seemed to have told the former patrons of the change in the club's business model, making me glad I had left my studded leather Ramones jacket at home."

30.10.80 Dallas, Texas
31.10.80 Tulsa, Oklahoma
01.11.80 Norman, OK
02.11.80 Lubbock, Tx
6/7/8/9.11.80 Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles (4 Nights) "The Stranglers, the British band which opened a four-night stand at the Whisky Friday night, didn't waste any time in letting the packed house know who was boss. Bassist Jean Jacques Burnel abruptly cut the opening number short after a few bars while the lighting man was informed that colored lights weren't necessary: "This isn't a big show-business extravaganza," said one of the Stranglers"
10.11.80 San Diego, CA
12.11.80 Santa Cruz, CA
13.11.80 Keystone, Berkely, CA
14.11.80 Palo Alto,California http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/gallery/ ... =174&pos=1
15.11.80 The Stone, San Francisco
17.11.80 New York, Ritz Club
21.11.80 Minnepolis
22.11.80 Madison "The Stranglers were truly scary, not faux-badasses like Fear. Although do I recall that they ridiculed Wisconsin beer drinkers as wimps, as opposed to their hard cider drinking toughness. I didn't quite understand that insult."
23.11.80 Stages/Metro, Chicago (bootleg exists)
24.11.80 Bogarts, Cincinatti https://www.ticketstubcollection.com/ti ... b-bogarts/
26.11.80 Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada
28.11.80 Washington
29.11.80 Irving Plaza, New York[/b]

Photos (Tickets only - Live stuff can be found in the gallery) Image below now believed to be following year
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"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
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