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4.2.78 5 Minutes single released - makes no. 11 in charts
03.2.78 Penny Farthing, Ulverston
06.2.78 Scarborough Penthouse
07.2.78?? Clouds, Edinburgh - Skids support - JJ is so impressed that he gets booking agency to arrange a London tour for them.
08.2.78 Clouds Disco, Edinburgh
09.2.78 Falkirk, Martiqui Hall
13.2.78 Central Hotel, Portsmouth
14.2.78 Duke of Lancaster, Barnet
15.2.78 - Photo session at 5pm with Chris Gabrin
22.2.78 TW Studios - 27th
March Boston Rat Club
New York
Schamburg Beginnings Club
Chicago Phoenix Club
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, Ca
21.3.78 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Act One Club
28.3.78 Privates, New York
3.4.78 Cleveland Agora Ballroom, Ohio
4.4.78 Schaumburg, Illinois, USA - Beginners Club
05.04.78 Chicago, Illinois, USA - Phoenix Club
06.4.78 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
7.4.78 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
8.4.78 Longhorn Bar, Minneapolis - The Tuff Darts and Falmingo support
9.4.78 Stone Hearth, N.Park Madison City - Tuff Darts support
10.4.78 Dooly's Tavern ,East Lansing,Michigan
11.4.78 East Lansing, Michigan, USA - Dooley's
12.4.78 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
14.4.78 Toronto Horseshoe Tavern, Canada
15.4.78 High School of Commerce - Ottawa
1.5.78 Iceland
2.5.78 Iceland viewtopic.php?f=22&t=11965&p=202806#p202806
3.5.78 Reyjavik Exhibition Hail, Iceland
5.5.78 Oslo Club 4, Norway
6.5.78 Nice `N` Sleazy single released makes no. 18 in charts
7.5.78 Orebro, Sweden
12.5.78 Black & White album released
19.5.78 Madrid, Spain


20.5.78 Brighton Centre
26.5.78 Glasgow Apollo The Skids Support
27.5.78 Edinburgh
28.5.78 Glasgow
30.5.78 Stafford Bingley Hall Image
7.6.78 Leeds University - In aid of Prisoners Rights Assoc.

12.6.78 Paris, France (Le Stadium?)
13.6.78 L'Ancienne Belgique, Brussells, Belgium
19.6.78 Hannover, Germany 20.6.78 Cologne, Germany
22.6.78 Erlangen, Germany,
23.6.78 Munich, Germany
"The Stranglers in 1978 on the Rattus tour in Hamburg, Germany. They were brilliant. It may still be the loudest gig I have ever seen, including the utterly deafening Motorhead the following year. " Mick Barnard (u2 tribute band)

29.6.78 Zagreb??
30.6.78 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, Hala Tivoli support from 999 viewtopic.php?f=22&t=12122&p=207175#p207175

06.7.78 Volkhaus , Zurich
10.7.78 Municipal Palace of Sports of Barcelona
12.7.78 El Teatro Alcalá Palace de Madrid
14.7.78 Cascais Sports Stadium - Cancelled which caused a riot http://www.stranglers.net/History_12_Ca ... ot'78.html
16.7.78 The Canary Islands
12.8.78 Walk On By single released makes no. 21 in charts
August Clouds, Edinburgh Festival


2.9.78 Hammersmith Red Cow - Billed as The Shakespearos
3 9.78 The Nashville, London - Billed as The Old Codgers
4.9.78 Band rehearse before Ireland gigs.
5.9.78 Further rehersals at "Ritz"
7.9.78 Belfast Ulster Hall
8.9.78 Portrush Arcadia Ballroom - Undertones support viewtopic.php?f=22&t=15440
9.9.78 Dublin Top Hat "U2 support The Stranglers at the Top Hat Ballroom, playing to 2,500 people" "In Dublin, a young U2 supported The Stranglers at the Top Hat Ballroom. The Stranglers and their entourage took up two dressing rooms, which left Bono and company to dress behind the speakers." "Stranglers fans throw lighted cigarettes at U2" "Brocklebank was shooting for the Irish music magazine Hot Press in 1978 when he attended several of U2's first Dublin gigs and became their occasional roadie. His first photo on Sept. 9, 1978, is of a muscle-shirted Bono, mike in hand, performing as the opening act for English punk rockers The Stranglers in front of a foul crowd of hard-core punks. U2 was paid 50 Irish pounds (about $80) for the gig.
The Stranglers' pre-set equipment took up most of the stage, leaving U2 only one claustrophobic corner. Brocklebank recalled that fans, reflecting the punk crudities of the day, spat and tossed lit cigarettes at them throughout their set. Afterward, he said, Bono confronted The Stranglers in their dressing room about the shoddy treatment."

11.9.78 Lancaster University
12.9.78 Dunfermline Kinema (Cancelled)
13.9.78 Aberdeen Ruffles (Cancelled) - Both cancelled due to problems with Dave's keyboards
16.9.78 Battersea Park London
17.9.78 Cardiff Top Rank
18.9.78 Peterborough Wirrina Stadium
19.9.78 Lincoln Drill Hall
JJ sitting in the Drill hall while the Finchley boys kick a ball about, the crowd starts gathering at about 4, there is no repeat of the punk bashin of 77 when the Damned played! The pub over the road is packed with the new punks and the soul boys seem to know that this is the real deal, the drill hall is stuffed by 8 and restless when the Skids come on, each song is announced by Jobson thus " this songs about a girl walkin down a street in Glasgow who gets raped" into Charles! Then next up "this songs about a girl walkin down a street in Glasgow who got raped and raped" straight into Of One Skin.
The Skids the best ever Scotish band but then there were the STRANGLERS!
On they came the crowd went wild spit flying, sweat pourin, more than a 1000 packed into the drill, all denim and leather and what did they hear and what did they want! Hugh into Grip screaming "OH, OH ,OH Did'nt Have the money round to buy a!...." then the spit flew and the crowd went wild
For the first ten minutes it was a shower of spit as the band sliced into Bitchin, JJ stamped on my fingers on the stage as he snarled in rage about the Windsor C
Death and night and Blood thumped out along with Burning up time and all to soon the apex of Toiler on the Sea rang out and whisked the band away, i remember my sister and me passed around a bottle of Bells so we could all get pissed. The gig next night was the top rank Sheffield, that was a real fucker.
Carl Greenwold
20.9.78 Sheffield Top Rank
21.9.78 Great Yarmouth Tiffanys
22.9.78 Malvern Winter Gardens (Skids support)
24.9.78 Portsmouth Locarno - Skids Support http://everygigiveeverseen.blogspot.co. ... glers.html "The bass sound was enormous. Jean Jaques Burnel did his standing-on-one-leg dance and between songs picked at a scab where his bass kept rubbing on his arm. Hugh threw Dolly Mixtures out while singing, “would you like a sweetie?” I kept some for years. Strobe lights! "
25.9.78 Exeter Routes
26.9.78 Bournemouth Village Bowl
27.9.78 Bath Pavillion http://themeninblack.co.uk/forums/viewt ... 68#p244868
28.9.78 Manchester Apollo

29.9.78 Bridlington Spa Pavillion
30.9.78 Glasgow Apollo - Cuban Heels and The Valves support
2.10.78 Aberdeen Ruffles
3.10.78 Dunfenline Kinema viewtopic.php?f=22&t=8696
6.10.78 Bataclan, Paris
19.10.78 - Guildford Uni - "Rock Goes to College" incident!

1st December Social Secs First listed in a session 1st Dec '78, with Rushent producing & Winstanley engineering. Studio not given. Also in this session they recorded versions of first versions of Fools Rush Out & YCUF6.
"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"