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Early Jan in TW recording studio with Martin Rushent
2.1.77 Roundhouse
16.1.77 Maidenhead Skindles Hotel
20.1.77 Red Deer, Croydon
21.1.77 Royal College of Art, London - Support to The Adverts (Unconfirmed)
22.1.77 The Roxy Club, London WC2 - Cortinas support. (band are robbed by "police") "Roxy London WC2" By Paul Marko There's a 5 min vid clip of this on the internet filmed by a French media company. JJ interview and band footage of Something Better Change and Peasant.
24.1.77 Toby Jug, Tolworth
28.1.77 Grip Released.
29.1.77 Salliscenny Hall, Brighton
30.1.77 Rainbow; London - Support to The Climax Blues Band when Hugh wore the famous 'Fuck' T-Shirt
February 77 "Red Deer public house in Croydon in about February 1977. There was only about 50 people in the audience and I felt really lucky to be so close to the band. Hugh hung out at the bar and was quite chatty. "

1.2.77 Markethalle, Hamburg
2.2.77 Markethalle, Hamburg (possibly)
9.2.77 Woking Central Halls
11.2.77 Aberdeen Robert Gordon Institute
12.2.77 Glasgow .Queen Margaret Uni
14.2.77 Hope & Anchor, London.
15.2.77 Newport Alexandra Club
18.2.77 Crawley Technical College (very doubtful)
19.2.77 Scunthorpe Priory Hotel
19.2.77 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) 1st Stranglers single released - makes no. 44 in charts
21.2.77 Canterbury Kent Keynes College University
22.2.77 University of Essex, Colchester - Supported by The Damned
23.2.77 Newcastle Polytechnic
24.2.77 Middlesborough Rock Garden
25.2.77 Scarborough Penthouse
26.2.77 Liverpool Erics
28.2.77 Doncaster Outlooks "I took some mates from Sheffield University to see this "new band !" at Doncaster Outlook Club in the early part of the year. They had just released Grip/Peaches and I reckon they played to 30 people if that (and we were 4 or them). We showed up to the Top Rank (which was a big place) for this gig just a few months later to find it heaving with people. "
1.3.77 Birmingham Barbarellas (Doubtful)
3.3.77 Huddersfield Polytechnic
4.3.77 Wolverhampton Lafayette (Doubtful)
5.3.77 Manchester Electric Circus
6.3.77 Egremont Tow Bar Inn, Nethertown, Cleveland
7.3.77 Hawick Town Hall - "Stranglers did play Hawick in March on that day but not in the town hall they played in the tower hotel which ended in a fight with the bouncers who were bastards was my first introduction to the stranglers." http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/forums/v ... 03#p446803
8.3.77 Birmingham Barbarellas
9.3.77 Wakefield Unity Hall
10.3.77 York University (doubtful)
11.3.77 Ulverston Penny Farthing
12.3.77 Liverpoot C.F.Mott College
16.3.77 Swindon, The Affair
17.3.77 Ipswich Manor Ballroom (Cancelled)
18.3.77 Brighten Sussex Centre - Replaced Egham Royal Holloway College (doubtful)
21.3.77 Top Of The World, Stafford "Just realised Ihave a GRIP poster advertising a gig at the TOP OF THE WORLD form Monday 21 March (I assume 1977). The price was £1 and this is scribbled out and reduced to 80p. Tickets from student union. "
22.3.77 Drones Club, Bridgend
23.3.77 Plymouth Woods Centre
24.3.77 Penzance WinterGardens
28.3.77 The Roxy Club, London
roxy stranglers.jpg
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29.3.77 The Roxy Club, London
30.3.77 Darlington Incognito (doubtful)

1.4.77 Leeds Poly - Tickets £1 - support from The Jam. (This is mentioned in Rick Buckler's book)
2.4.77 Tow Bar Inn,Nethertown,Egremont,Cumbria (Situated next to a Caravan site about 2 mins from the beach - 4 miles north of Sellafield Nuclear Power Station - it was sadly demolished over 10 years ago. It gets a mention here: http://www.manchesterbeat.com/venues/ne ... barinn.php) Thanks for the tip off Billy1
??Cleethorpes Winter Gardens
6.4.77 The Roundabout, Newport
7.4.77 BBC RECORDING (in concert)
11.4.77 Brighton. The Bucaneer
Stranglers_2.jpg (88.17 KiB) Viewed 13259 times
14.4.77 Bristol (Cancelled)
18.4.77 1st Album Rattus Norvegicus released
15.4.77 Bracknell Sports Centre (Cancelled)
16.4.77 The Roundhouse "(Recording (OLYMPIC) (Celia and the Mutatations)(in concert))"
17.4.77 The Roundhouse - Cherry Vanilla, The Police (Sting and Stewert rather - no Police), The Jam support?!

According to Jet's diary from the 18th to the 30th, there was a 9 gig tour penciled in, including Paris, Helsinki and Geneva, but all crossed out

Some found elsewhere below therefore didn't happen?.....
20.4.77 Le Havre, France
21.4.77 Dunkirk M.J.C., France
22.4.77 Geneva Bluebird Disco. Switzerland
23.4.77 ? Geneva Bluebird Disco, Switzerland
24.4.77 ? Paris Theatre, London Radio 1 In Concert
25.4.77 Palais des..., Paris. France
27.4.77 Daysur Champs Epernay, France

April/May Newport Roundabout Social Club, Wales

2.5.77 The Nashville, London.
6.5.77 Peaches single released

According to Jet's diary seems to be lots of recording going on as dates marked 'Capitol' 'Twickenham' and 'Sounds'

11.5.77 Twickenham Winning Post (doubtful)
13.5.77 Erics, Liverpool
14.5.77 Herriot Watt, Edinburgh
15.5.77 Maxim's, Barrow
19.5.77 Coventry Tiffanys (doubtful)
20.5.77 Brunel University, Uxbridge (Ticket 80p) - (Get a) Grip (on yourself), Sometimes, Feel like a wog, Dagenham Dave, Something better change, Peaches, No more heroes, Hanging around, London Lady, Down in the Sewer, Peasant in the big shitty, Straighten Out https://flyingvs.com/the-stranglers/ - Support from London
21.5.77 Bletchley Sports Centre
21.5.77 Peaches single released - makes no. 8 in charts
22.5.77 Croydon Greyhound (Cancelled)
23.5.77 ?? Paris
24.5.77 Brighton Top Rank
25.5.77 University of Essex, Colchester
26.5.77 Norwich St.Andrews City Hall https://punkintheeast.co.uk/the-strangl ... ch-1977-6/
27.5.77 Cardiff Tap Rank
28.5.77 Canterbury Odeon
29.5.77 Guildford Civic Hall
30.5.77 Bournernouth Village Bowl
31.5.77 Wolverhampton Civic Hall

1.6.77 Birmingharn Barbarellar
2.6.77 Birmingham Barbarellar
3.6.77 Cambridge Corn Exchange
4.6.77 Wigan Casino http://whycontrol1977.blogspot.com/2008 ... usses.html
5.6.77 Manchester.Electric Circus
7.6.77 Taunton Odeon (Jubilee Day)
8.6.77 Plymouth Castaways
9.6.77 Torquay Town Hall (Cancelled)
“Top Rock Group Banned from Town Hall.

"A top rock group has been banned from Torquay Town Hall – and the man who was to promote the concert said that the decision by the council was due to “apathy and bloody-mindedness”.

The Stranglers were due to appear on June 9 as part of a national tour. Mr. Greg Van Dyke, the Plymouth promoter, said “I was told that the council were not willing to take the risk. But I was not told what the risk was… The council did not even do me the courtesy of ringing me. They clearly don’t know a thing about the band.”

No one at the Town Hall was available for comment this morning.”

Apparently, the problem was largely to do with the ‘risk’ that young people would hear the Stranglers swearing.

Music fans were understandably angered: “For goodness sake, what are the council trying to do, bore us to death… Let us decide what’s best for us… Plenty for OAPs and visitors… nothing for the youth of Torbay… Head in sand council…”

10.6.77 Llandrindod Wells Grand Pavillion
11.6.77 Dunstable California Ballroom Replaced Southend Kursaal
12.6.77 Sheffield Top Rank (Drones support) http://www.boredteenagers.co.uk/LONDONPAGE3.htm
13.6.77 Bradford St.Georges Hall Replaced Leeds Town Hall or Polytechnic (doubtful)
14.5.77 Shrewsbury, Tiffanys
15.6.77 Newcastle City Hall (support from London) http://vintagerock.wordpress.com/2013/1 ... june-1977/
16.5.77 Middlesborough Town Hall
17.6.77 Doncaster Gaumont (support from London) - JJ jumps off stage to sort bouncer out - fans get onstage for Go Buddy Go http://www.boredteenagers.co.uk/LONDONPAGE3.htm
18.6.77 Blackpool imperial Hotel (Cancelled) Replaced Cheltenham Town Hall (doubtful)
19.6.77 Liverpool Erics (2 shows)
20.6.17 Staffard Top of the World
21.6.77 Stoke on Trent Victoria Halls
22.6.77 Glasgow City Hall (Jim Kerr in the audience)
23.6.77 Cleethorpes Winter Gardens "The Battle Of Cleethorpes" - Replaced Bracknell Sports Centre
Cold fuckin day a lot of shy punks around, well i lie four or five in the late afternoon! the Stranglers in Cleethorpes
a few beers in a local pub before the doors open.
The crowd is a mixture of punks, hippies and local boys who are not interested in the band, a very nasty ambience that has every one on edge.
The gig is a shambles I remember Grip, and maybe Burning up time and Bitching! Before the stage invasion and the violence
I was under a table out of the way as bottles and glasses smashed and it got real nasty!
Not long after at the Roundhouse no fuckers messed with us! - Carl Greenwold

24.6.77 Brirtol Exhibition Centre (Cancelled)
25.6.77 St.Albans Civic Hall (Cancelled)
26.6.77 Roundhouse, London - Played 2 sets 4.00pm & 8.00pm

27th-30th "Recording"

July "No gigs, First week spent recording then rest of month marked as holiday" !

http://www.philsbook.com/twstudios.html No More Heroes recording sessions for Feb and July 1977

30.7.77 Double A Side - Something Better Change & Straighten Out single released - makes no. 9 in charts

August Rotterdam Festival, Stockholm, Sweden - Free Festival (doubtful)
USA PROMO TOUR from Friday August 5th to Sat August 20

Tues Aug 30 John Peel Show...*not sure if this is the one gig?
27.8.77 Wilmot Youth Centre, Finchley, London - Special gig for Finchley Boys
2.9.77 Amsterdam Paradiso Club, Holland https://www.themeninblack.co.uk/forums/ ... 42#p458442
??.9.77 Kilppan, Sweden

No More Heroes Tour

7.9.77 Eksit Club, Rotterdam
8.9.77 Paradiso, Amsterdam
9.9.77 Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt
11.9.77 Winterhauder, Hamburg
14.9.77 University, Stockholm
16.9.77 No More Heroes Album released
3 more Swedish gigs were booked here but cancelled - the next 3 days
23.9.77 Cambridge, Corn Exchange
24.9.77 Bracknell Sports Centre, The Only Ones were support
24.9.77 No More Heroes Single released - makes no. 8 in charts
25.9.77 Canterbury Odeon
26.9.77 Oxford Polytechnic
27.9.77 Norwich St Andrews Hall - Thanks to Richard Raynor for confirming this one.
28.9.77 Ipswich Gaumont
29.9.77 Brunel Sports Centre
30.9.77 Crawley Sports Centre

1.10.77 Southend Kursaal (doubtful)
2.10.77 Dunstable Queensway
3.10.77 Leicester De Montford
4.10.77 Coventry Locarno
5.10.77 Carmarthen St Peters Hall
6.10.77 Malvern Winter Gardens https://www.malvernrockarchive.org.uk/n ... r-feelgood
8.10.77 Bangor University
9.10.77 Plymouth Fiesta
10.10.77 Exeter University (doubtful)
12.10.77 Newcastle City Hall - Penetration support
13.10.77 Manchester Apollo ""Trust House Forte should concentrate on the food served up in their motorways cafes before they start worrying about punk"
14.10.77 Liverpool University - The Drones support
15.10.77 Leeds Queens Hall - The Drones and The Saints in support (also mentioned Penetration and The Automatics, who became The Specials were supporting)
16.10.77 Glasgow Apollo The Rezillos support "A number of Glaswegian councillors attend
tonights gig to check on the group's behaviour.Hugh Cornwell has spotlights shone on them in the stalls and
dedicates 'Ugly' to them."......." Glasgow Councillor Bill Aitken, now a Conservative MSP, let them play at the Apollo providing he and his licensing committee could attend. They did, were booed by the crowd, but had a great night."
17.10.77 Carlisle The Market - Rezillos support
19.10.77 Sheffield Top Rank - The Drones & 2.3 support

20.10.77 Birmingham Mayfair Suite - Steel Pulse support "It's late autumn 1977, and the Stranglers are headlining a show in the Midlands. The support comes from the roots reggae band Steel Pulse. They know what to expect from a punk crowd: gobbing, cans being thrown. Steel Pulse are barely into their first number when a huge wad of phlegm shoots from the audience and lands on the hand of bassist Ron "Stepper" McQueen. The band's nickname for McQueen was "Psycho" and they fully expected him to live up to his name. "We all stared at Ronnie and we stopped playing," remembers Steel Pulse's singer, Mykaell Riley. "So there's this silence onstage, then eventually 4,000 punks went silent." McQueen didn't react, however. Instead, Stranglers bassist, Jean-Jacques Burnel, stepped out of the wings, waded into the crowd, identified the culprit, and knocked him out cold. Then he turned to face the crowd.

"He just went, 'You fucking wankers. You love reggae,'" laughs Riley."

21.10.77 Hanley Victoria Hall - Steel Pulse support
22.10.77 Bristol Exhibition Centre - Dictators support http://www.themeninblack.co.uk/gallery/ ... fullsize=1
23.10.77 Cardiff Top Rank "New York's Dictators join the Stranglers for the final part of their UK tour after being spotted by Hugh Cornwell on a promotional tour of the US earlier this year."
24.10.77 Swansea Top Rank The Dictators support
"Anyone who has read the Swansea article might remember a paragraph called ˜The Round up". It described the collection of some of the lads prior to a frozen visit to a Stranglers gig in Swansea in October 1977. On that day my brother Steve and I collected some Finchley Boys from various addresses throughout East Finchley. When we pulled into Elmshust Crescent N.2. to collect Graham Hay, Leigh Bull, Phil Rawlings etc etc, a young lady called Emma Lee Bunton was probably sleeping very soundly in her cot in the adjoining road called Pulham Avenue. She was 9 months old. Her mother Pauline Davitt had eventually married the local milkman Keith Bunton but that does not tell the whole story. Pauline was a Davitt. The Davitt girls were well known in Finchley. Before she was married, Pauline had always had a massive thing for my cousin David Hillier who had lived in Pulham Avenue on the Elmhurst estate until he moved to the Isle of Man with his father and mother, my uncle Ken and aunty Florrie in 1968. In 1969 my mum and Dad organised a holiday to the Isle of Man. Pauline (baby Spices Mum) was really keen to visit David, so she begged my mum and dad to come with us.
To say that David and I had a good time when she got there is probably enough. Pauline went on to produce one of the Spice girls and the rest of that story is history.
Al Hillier"

26.10.77 Brighton Top Rank The Dictators support
27.10.77 Bournemouth Village Bowl
28.10.77 Surrey University The Dictators support
29.10.77 Hastings Pier Pavillion "Kings Hall" The Dictators support
"29.10.77 The Stranglers/ The Dictators, Hastings Pier
By this time the whole world had caught on to punk and the gig was full - 800+ people bouncing up and down as one had the pier floor unnervingly bouncing too. I hated The Dictators, long-haired yank bull-hitters who rode on the coat-tails of punk. I gobbed on the guitarist's hand so he stood on my face, which I suppose I deserved under the circumstances."

30.10.77 Reading Top Rank The Dictators support
31.10.77 Southampton Top Rank The Dictators support

2.11.77 London Roundhouse - The Dictators support all 5 Roundhouse gigs
3.11.77 London Roundhouse - The Dictators support
4.11.77 London Roundhouse
5.11.77 London Roundhouse - Dictators & Pop Group support
6.11.77 London Roundhouse - Bootlegged as 'London Ladies' and 'Rattus Brittanicus'
9.11.77 Belfast Ulster Hall - Radio Stars support BANNED at very short notice by the local council, who withdrew insurance cover.
10.11.77 Coleraine University of Ulster - Radio Stars support
11.11.77 Dublin Trinity College - Radio Stars support
12.11.77 Dublin The Stadium - CANCELLED
13.11.77 Cork City Hall - Radio Stars support
14.11.77 Dublin Trinity College - Radio Stars support (doubtful)
22.11.77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
24.11.77 T.V. Stuttgart
25.11.77 T.V. Stuttgart
27.11.77 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland
28.11.77 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland

December 77` - Work begins on the Stranglers next album (Black & White)

Nice account http://music.guardian.co.uk/urban/story ... 99,00.html
"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"