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12.1.74 Johnny Sox play Brecknock London
??.1.74 Johnny Sox play Lord Nelson pub
17.1.74 Johnny Sox play Newlands Tavern, Peckham (part of 3 gigs in 3 pubs) - 3rd night at Newlands Tavern - band go separate ways after these gigs (Now called the "Ivy House") http://www.southlondon-today.co.uk/News ... ght%20note
30.5.74 "I turned up from a karate lesson with my arm in a sling! That was May 30th, 1974. So at that time there was just the three of us, guitar, bass and drums." JJ
Mid 74 Purley Over 18`s Club Supporting "The Rockets" - Mentioned as the first Stranglers gig at a "Young Conservatives Ball" !. "Hugh: "375 people walked out on us at that gig. They all turned up in ultra-smart evening dress and as soon as we started they began drifting out. By the time we'd finished there were about three people left!

"Right in the middle of a number a guy came up and grabbed me. I thought he was going to get heavy, but he just launched into a very intellectual rap about why we weren't working with the audience, the ethnic quality of the music and bluurrggh! (Hugh makes vivid verbal excretion noises). We just told him to piss off and kicked him off the stage".

John adds: "Mind you, they just weren't our type of audience, and we did happen to be out of our heads 'cos we'd had a four hour wait to go onstage. We went on and said 'You're not going to like us so you may as well piss off!' As the set went on it sank in and they started going out in droves, panicking at the exits!"
© Kris Needs, 1976"

Autumn 74 - Tracks recorded at Transworld Studio, Fulham (Charlie Boy, Make You Mine, Chinatown, I Know It)
4/12/74 Lord Nelson, Holloway Road, London
8/12/74 London, The Brecknock
21/12/74 Star Inn, Guildford.
30/12/74 "West Counties" "scheduled" x-ref "Punk Diary 1970-1979"

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