jj banter o2 liecster tattoo girl

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big al.
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jj banter o2 liecster tattoo girl

Post by big al. » 14 Mar 2011, 19:40

amazing night good surport acts great stranglers set bordello was awesome havnt head it live since 1983 :grin: freedom is insane was really good loved the way my misses layed out a arsehole who was being a dick :smt012 booing the stranglers at times, but the highlight has to be her showing her stranglers tattoo on her arse to jj and him to notice it and baz joining in, exchanged what triumphs we ride with jj and heyho she only got his plectrum he used and his set list at the end of the gig, carnt wait for birmingham o2 hope she dosnt show all (i.e) tattoos bigal :smt006

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Re: jj banter o2 liecster tattoo girl

Post by theraven1979 » 14 Mar 2011, 21:35

I'm speechless!

"I bathed in sun and walked in rain
It taught me how to laugh again"

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