Unheard songs in EMI Vaults?

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probally find it om ebay

under bootleg specials in 6 months.

very limited edtion stranglers unheard/unreleasded yours to own for.............................................................
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One of the guy's on Liz's site has posted a good response as follows (can anyone add to it?):

Starting in 1974 a demo tape was sent to Safari records (not the same Safari records that was later a name with the likes of Toyah) anyway this consisits of

Make you mine, I know it, Charlie Boy ( about a friend of the band - chiddingfold Charlie who liked climbing trees) ,Chinatown (an instrumental), My young dreams (later recorded with Chris Twomey),Wasted, Country Chaser (an instrumental), and 3 versions of Strange little girl (some different lyrics to the 1982 release)

march 1976 saw another demo tape with JJ singing Tomorrow was the hereafter, peaches, bithching and a shorter version of sewer (no end part) - all tracks noticeably different to the officials.

July 1976 another demo tape, different versions of Grip, bitching and Go buddy go.

Social secs (which is in fact yellowcake uf6 with the tape played the correct way round was recorded early 1979 as far as I can ascertain).

Raven demos had some different versions of the oficial release tracks

Meninblack Lp saw freezer which was a different version of Manna machine without lyrics

La folie had another couple of tracks You hold the key which was later put on to the hits and heroes cd and a track called white wedding which I have never managed to track down. Locked away in the vault somewhere.

1983 the band recorded demos for a French TV show called echo des bananes and messed around with a French version of TITS

Aural Sculpture demos, different versions some without the brass section

Dreamtime demos, some interesting different versions Always the sun and You'll always reap what you sow standing out as interest, JJ singing the latter as oposed to Hugh, The beast and a different version of You appeared here.

10 demos, brought 3 unreleased tracks, sitting on top of the world, the stranger, and things are getting better.

Also durring this period came New day today and JJ's you can't see the wood for the trees which were latr released by Strangled.

But alas no, I do not know of any unreleased track being played live during this time

As for 1991 onwards. There were a fair few but most of them found there way onto Paul Robert's albums.

Does anyone else want to contribute to the 1991 onwards.

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Jim, did you get anywhere with this last weekend or did the wine get the better of you!!! Scott:-)

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