Best song on Rattus?

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Best song on rattus?

Goodbye Toulouse
London Lady
Princess Of The Streets
Hanging Around
Down In The Sewer
Total votes: 291

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Cola Can
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Post by Cola Can »

Nope, we're saying most of us love Sewer the best!
I totally agree..perhaps the vote woud be different if we said second best song?

However, I am puzzled that someone has voted Princess the best track. this is in complete contrast to the rest of the ablum (OK it's just slower..) and if you think this is the best how do you like the rest of it. Or am I being a bit simple?

It's like saying Last Tango In Paris is the best song on Feline . I never play that and couldn't disagree with Hugh more when he said it wasn't a filler. They may have put al ot of effort into it bu it does zilch for me.
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Post by PaulinLondon »

I think it is not right to compare Princess and Sewer. Princess is a one off ballad that is totally unique and to me is the parent of perhaps European Female. Sewer was just a taster for the instrumental landscapes that were to follow.

I don't know if it was planned but it followed by maturity and progression.
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Vlads Left Nostril
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Post by Vlads Left Nostril »

I know it's a bit off the question but my fave never made it onto an album - Go Buddy Go.

What can I say - feckin' sublime!!! When I die I want that played at my funeral - twice! And feckin' loud too.

On Rattus it has to be Sewer - the keyboards swirls in the last section are just fantastic at high volumes. I could piss meself!!!
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The Raven
The Raven
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Post by wanderlust »

GO BUDDY GO wasn't included as they thought it was a bit too Jolly for the mood of the album, and it was considered a bit of a throwaway til it became a double A side with peaches and got the most airplay out the two..CHOOSEY SUSIE just missed out on being included..
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Post by Andrew »

I've gone for Hanging Around - it wouldn't have been my favourite when it first came out, but over the past twenty-five years or so it's elbowed it's way to the front. The guitar solo is fucking superb, and it builds brilliantly throughout the song right up to the end.

Not a duff track on the album though, agreed.

Post by ROKIT »

Grip was one of the best debut singles of all time, it still holds up well 30 years later. Every song on Rattus is a gem!
Jon the Impaler
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The Raven
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Post by Jon the Impaler »

For me , there are 4 main contenders here . Grip , Sometimes , Sewer and Hanging Around .
Sometimes is great but comes out 4th , Grip - the FIRST single ...fantastic , but I just prefer the '89 version with more bass on it .
So its between Sewer and Hanging Around . Sewer , probably their best piece of music ever in the instrumental bit .....but I am just going to edge it overall for Hanging Around ....only just though .
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Post by serya »

Sewer tells such a wonderful story musically and when it comes back around to the main theme with that guitar...ecstasy!
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The Raven
The Raven
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Post by NMH1965 »

Sometime, then the Sewer!!
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The Raven
The Raven
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Post by NMH1965 »

NMH1965 wrote:Sometime, then the Sewer!!
Oops that should be Sometimes!!
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Man Of The Earth
Man Of The Earth
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Post by Claireinblack »

Got to be sewer for me!!!

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Post by F41NXS »

cant single out one track

as i feel every one of them are classics

bought the album when aged 12 when it first came out, every track has meaning to me so id have to get 9 votes and vote for each one
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