JJ poem.

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Re: JJ poem.

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Yes once again well done. Lt Kudu.
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Re: JJ poem.

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Greatkudu wrote: 08 Jun 2021, 20:41 Yes once again well done. Lt Kudu.
Cheers thanks...we all share our passion for this band that's for sure.
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Re: JJ poem.

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toilerinblack wrote: 06 Jun 2021, 20:13 This is my poem for JJ in appreciation for all he has and still continues to do with the Stranglers and as a solo artist from 1974- Present.I hope you enjoy the read.

Jean Jaques BurneL

Jean Jaques was born in '52
with French parents in Notting Hill
As fate would be his real breakthrough
From a Hiker who needed a bassist to fill.

He attended the Royal Grammar School
And Huddersfield Polytechnic
Whose classically trained in guitar as a rule
Who can play acoustic and the electric.

Jean started out on a 6 string feel
With a song called Go Buddy Go
With his hair cut short he looked the deal
to play in a band to earn some dough.

The Stranglers was born along with a rat
Where Jean would play the four string bass
The band would be known as the Men In Black
After their interest in crafts from outer space.

Their working rate was truly electric
As they prowled on stage like cats on heat
For their melodic songs were so authentic
For this band with a keyboard was now complete.

Jean would play with movements of fire
with fans in disbelief
He'd jump right up with knees bent higher
That had you shakin like a leaf.

Their debut album shock the ground
With a track called Vers Le dans l' e'gout
which echoed tweets of rats around
That's been their lasting symbol through.

Their Black and White album was unlocked
with a track called travailleur sur La mer
who ventured lands to find a dock
That gave this band their signature.

Jean liked his leather jacket
With drainpipe jeans and DM's
With a fist to his bass he would wack it
Loving the powerful sound it sends.

He'd swivel on stage from left to right
with his beloved black shuka bass
His high kicks were just dynamite
That put a smile apon your face.

Jean could make his lead bass talk
With riffs of conversation
He'd twist and turn just like a cork
That left you in full admiration.

Jean sang in French on La Folie
After huge success with Golden Brown
for the fell off the top of the monkey tree
But they really couldn't give a frown.

Jeans lyrics have always been so true
From Le Wiskey to Tristeville ce soir
There was Freddie Laker and Waltz in Blue
For we hope he never says.....au revoi

The Euroman Cometh was unsealed
with also un jour partfait in '88
Fire and Water with Dave Greenfield
His long term friend and band mate.

Jean is a 7th degree black belt
In Shadaken Karate
who can write a song thats heartfelt
And drives a triumph so smartly.

Triumph designed a Stranglers bike
To be won in a competition
with a logo that was there to like
To the winner from Jean it was given.

Jeans always been the master musician
Along with his bass he made his stamp
Who truly loves his Fender Precision
Awarded too his very own amp.

Jean showed his class on The Raven
With distinctive bass lines compiled
Where Los Angeles was a dead haven
With a wife who behaved like a child.

Ships in the night that couldn't be seen
Where all roads lead to Rome
Their eyes changed colour from Grey to Green
Where two would tango in Paris its known.

Jean knew that she was a Feline
And Hugh knew a snake in the grass
That had a tattooed heartline
Which stretched right down with class.

Hes known for singing bare chested
Killing those frets in awe
Playing those riffs he's perfected
Leaving fans frenzing for more.

They had artworks of animals and Insects
With a Raven and a big cat
It was something special that fans collects
Along with the spider that followed the Rat.

At the Hammersmith Odeon back in the day
Jean was annoyed with security
For they wouldn't leave so he refused to play
For the fans who'd pay'd but couldn't see.

Jeans always taken a good photograph
That frames so well of his face
With also a lady inside the bath
That was captured well in good taste.

He sang of a girl from the snow country
And disco danced to Thrown Away
Where up on stage it was funky
Linking arms with Baz on the day.

Jean acted the role in Norfolk Coast
Along with Susanah York
Hes always made the very most
As a musician you just couldn't fault

The band would jump into the Fire
And In One Door And Out The Other
But the Gospel toke them to the wire
So beware of Skin Deeps brother.

Jean started Heroes by thumpin his bass
with a deep and loud vibration
Can you feel it? he'd ask with a smile on his face
Where the fans could feel the sensation.

JJ's always had energy and passion
With his black rolled up shirt sleeves
But hes never been one to follow the fashion
As he says how it is and what he believes.

Jeans always had his style of play
For decades setting the groove
So if and when he calls it a day
He really has nothing to prove.

Looking back on his long career
He's never been one to follow the rule
But he's always been shown to be sincere
who can say with pride

Toilerinblack 2021.
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Re: JJ poem.

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Bit short, Init. 😁
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