What would you ask Dave...?

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The Raven
The Raven
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Re: What would you ask Dave...?

Post by shah »

Are the Final Full Tour dates likely your final gigs with the band?

What was your fave synth through the band's time?

What was your relationship like with Hugh? What do you miss about him?

What do you get up to while the others are slaving away on the new lp....you lazy bugger!
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shah shaaah...go go...
shah shaaah...

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Re: What would you ask Dave...?

Post by Frederik »

Can you play anything other than Strangler stuff? :P

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Re: What would you ask Dave...?

Post by TheManTheyLoveToHate »

Did you feel like a complete prat in the Nice in Nice video?

Arthur Streeb-Greebling
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Re: What would you ask Dave...?

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling »

Purple Underpants or Green Underpants nowadays?

How’s yer Arpeggios?

Rick Wakeman, hes shit int he? You’re the best.

You still run a pub?

Rusty Butler, coulda been the next Beatles?

When’s Hugh returning cos you desperately need someone to write some decent choonz/ an album dontcha despite JJ’s 2,500 song ideas.

Toy Dolls, best band ever?

How’s Jet?

You still got a Hammond organ and your 80’s Synthesizers, at home?
Bring em back on stage cos you never sounded better, sorry.
Just strap on your ukulele and we'll play some rock 'n roll, and that

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