if the stranglers finish..could it benefit any tribute bands?

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if the stranglers finish..could it benefit any tribute bands?

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I was thinking if the stranglers decide to call it a day and we dont know yet what they wish to do in the future with events that has happened this year....where will the stranglers fans go for a good night out.Will it be to see a good tribute band like .....straighten out....if bands like this continue to do what they do very well will there audiences increase in size?.....could well do...somewhere for the mk fans to go and hear their favourite songs still.... banging out live & loud still.
For me straighten out are a class act..the best ive heard as a tribute act...theyve polished their act off to a t.....in every department.
This band if it is still going i dont know if they are nowdays....could really do very well as a tribute band to a band that has now stopped but people still wanna hear those great songs live.... on a good night out.
Intresting thought...we will have to see if the stranglers do continue as a band...but there could be plenty of work and live gigs out there for the people who will now go and see a very good tribute band...where as once they might not of...lets hope we still get both the real band and the tribute ones still both doing what they do very well.
If the band does call it a day would you then want to see a tribute band even more than before they called it a day?. or will them calling it a day make you not want to bother with any tribute band in the future and just remember the real mks as they were?
Whats your take on it?

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Re: if the stranglers finish..could it benefit any tribute bands?

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We have had tribute band to the Stranglers mk1 since Baz joined or they went back to a four piece. Lt Kudu.

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