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Hi, Just joined the forum and looking forward to catching up with all these threads. That'll keep me busy for a while.
First record I ever bought was 'Peaches' in 1977… and that was it, really. Never stopped, and used to love tracking down all those imports :grin:
Fave LP would be The Raven (not very original, I know!) and The Meninblack.

I posted this pic on the FB page a while back - an example of what I got up in my schooldays when I should have been working -


Did have a Rattus bag too which drew questions from my teachers about why I had drawn 'vermin' on my bag.
I seemed to be the only Stranglers fan at school back then, surrounded by Clash fans which led to a bit of friction 'cause I never rated them. :smile: The stick I got from them the day after 'Don't Bring Harry' was on TOTP, I remember it still. Happy days. I think.

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Re: Hello

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Welcome DD - enjoy
There's loads on here to enjoy

Look forward to your stuff too.

Great gig at Hammersmith Odeon on Saturday.
Rolled back the years with the performance and the set.

I had that JJ Euroman design on an arm band for ages.
JJ told me to be careful what I wore and wished for!
If I could have time travelled, I'd have said to him that I had a black shirt too but wasn't one!

Great artwork by the way.
on on on on
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Re: Hello

Post by s.harris »

Hello DukeDexter 8) and welcome.

All the best

'Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining'

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Re: Hello

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Hi and welcome 8)
Whooo's there in the shadows

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