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by kjblack
09 Apr 2013, 20:47
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People develop political views that are capitalist or socialist and the differences are too fundamental to ever be reconciled. But there should always be at least respect for the opposing view. Maggie was a proud Briton who did what she thought was right and defended her (our) country both political...
by kjblack
07 Apr 2013, 17:30
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Topic: Gigs 2013
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Re: Gigs 2013

Todd Rundgren anyone?
In the UK June this year.
by kjblack
07 Apr 2013, 16:43
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Topic: Crap Joke No.83840370
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Re: Crap Joke No.83840370

Two men drinking in a pub, in comes a third. "Here comes Wullie the Sheepshagger!" Wullie overhears them. "So it's Wullie the Sheepshagger is it? That's nice, I thought youse were mates. I've been working the same farm for thirty years but it's not Wullie the Farmer? Naw. 'Been a Stranglers fan for ...
by kjblack
26 Mar 2013, 22:05
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Topic: Last book read
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Re: Last book read

"Statecraft" by Margaret Thatcher.

I'll get my coat...
by kjblack
24 Mar 2013, 18:49
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Topic: The Clash (The most overated band ever)
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Re: The Clash (The most overated band ever)

'Saw The Clash live in their early days (late 70's) and was a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I could never stomach NME's worship of this band contrasted with their hostility and/or indifference to us. It seems that The Clash always attracted the kind of left-leaning intelligentsia who can't just let...
by kjblack
07 Mar 2013, 14:32
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Hello guys, 1st post here (appropriately about my 1st gig.) It was the City Halls in Glasgow, 1977. A magical night: JJ in leather, Dave in that jumpsuit, Jet a massive frame behind his drumkit and Hugh sporting a ripped donkey jacket. The set was most (if not all) of Rattus as this gig was pre Hero...