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by Manc In Black
11 Nov 2014, 17:38
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Topic: Gig Review – Billy Idol – Hammersmith Apollo 9th November 20
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Re: Gig Review – Billy Idol – Hammersmith Apollo 9th Novembe

Saw Gen X once only at Totnes.
Remember meeting Bill at the time - a real lad!

Liked his later stuff too & was cool to see him getting wider success later on.

Of course I remember dancing quiet a bit at Camden Palace way back.
White Wedding was always a good pulling number!
by Manc In Black
21 Oct 2014, 08:32
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Topic: Ponomusic
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I'm not sure I understand why i'd want to buy one of these players to listen to the Stranglers. The encouraging thing is that they are on there & starting to have tracks loaded. The site talks about better quality listening. Anyone know about this & whether it's about to take over? http://ponomusic....
by Manc In Black
02 Oct 2014, 14:45
Forum: Gig Archive
Topic: Live Sequences
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Re: Live Sequences

with this particular gig in mind, maybe appropriate to re-up it.........
Palais d'Hiver 2.jpg
Palais d'Hiver 2.jpg (42.71 KiB) Viewed 3057 times
by Manc In Black
10 Sep 2014, 21:48
Forum: Stranglers Polls
Topic: United Artists Years
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Re: United Artists Years

In the order they came out, cos that's how i heard them.
1 Rattus Norvegicus
2 No More Heroes
3 Black & White
4 The Raven

to me they just built on each other.
by Manc In Black
04 Jul 2014, 14:59
Forum: Contact Fans/Arrange Pre-gig piss-ups etc.
Topic: Alban Arena Monday 7th July
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Re: Alban Arena Monday 7th July

Which Pub is being used to meet up Guys?
by Manc In Black
26 May 2014, 15:53
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Jim
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Re: Jim

Clearly In with the In Crowd - even a foot in both camps
by Manc In Black
06 May 2014, 17:09
Forum: Rumours
Topic: Bangkok news ....
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Re: Bangkok news ....

Give us a clue........
by Manc In Black
10 Mar 2014, 18:14
Forum: Newbie/Test
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Welcome DD - enjoy There's loads on here to enjoy Look forward to your stuff too. Great gig at Hammersmith Odeon on Saturday. Rolled back the years with the performance and the set. Awesome I had that JJ Euroman design on an arm band for ages. JJ told me to be careful what I wore and wished for! If ...
by Manc In Black
09 Feb 2014, 12:27
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Topic: Discharge?
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Re: Discharge?

They supported the Mib at either Hanley or Stoke if i recall