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by jetblacksdad
16 Apr 2017, 20:07
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Topic: Neon Hearts
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Re: Neon Hearts

Martin Ratcliffe and Paul Raven produced an album for us, Headcount. Die Monkey Die. We recorded a lot at Martin's place. A top fella. Lovely man.

As for Raven, he was a gloriously naughty boy. Still miss that lump. RIP.
by jetblacksdad
16 Apr 2017, 20:03
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Topic: Killing Joke
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Re: Killing Joke

Bag Lady wrote:
13 Apr 2017, 16:13
Hammer wrote:
13 Apr 2017, 13:38
Just had an email that they are playing Scala London, 12th June. Gutted, can't make this, although £37.50 seems a bit steep. :shock:
And that price is before all the add on fees :shock:
small venue. High costs.

But worth it.
by jetblacksdad
22 Feb 2017, 14:23
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Topic: Crap Joke No.83840370
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Re: Crap Joke No.83840370

What's the difference between a dwarf and a midget?

Very little
by jetblacksdad
20 Feb 2017, 15:54
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Topic: PledgeMusic- any good?
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Re: PledgeMusic- any good?

I've pledged for the next Killing Joke album that is a reworking of some of their old stuff with an orchestra. The only problem is you pay upfront and then may have to wait about a year for the album! Which is, of course the idea of pledge :smile: It's a good service as long as you want to wait You...
by jetblacksdad
10 Feb 2017, 13:03
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Topic: The Donald
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Re: The Donald

why can't he tweet something positive?
by jetblacksdad
31 Jan 2017, 11:01
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Topic: No funding this year but if you want to do something amazing...
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Re: No funding this year but if you want to do something amazing...


Lost my father in law to a brain tumour and a lad in the village went just before Christmas leaving two little boys.

It's a cruel way to go.

I salute you Jim!
by jetblacksdad
04 Jan 2017, 17:02
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Topic: Album of the year 2016
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Re: Album of the year 2016

The Beat - Bounce
The Mission - Another Fall From Grace
Pixies - Head Carrier
Slaves - Take Control
Killing Joke - Great Gathering
Damned - Live in Margate
by jetblacksdad
04 Jan 2017, 16:59
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Topic: the smiths 1982
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Re: the smiths 1982

By the way, really enjoying Johnny Marr's book. It's written in a straight narrative - nothing fancy and it's all chronological but it really gets his passion over for the music. Was never a massive fan of The Smiths - later stuff was better when teh production stakes were upped but Marr's two solo ...
by jetblacksdad
01 Jan 2017, 13:45
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Topic: 2016? It sucked didn't it?
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Re: 2016? It sucked didn't it?

2016 was just fine for me and mine

Let's be positive!
by jetblacksdad
28 Dec 2016, 10:55
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Topic: George Michael RIP
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George Michael RIP

Funny, Rick Parfitt gets a mention round here but not George Michael. Never been a fan of his music but undeniably a great talent. Additionally, he made so much money for Epic records that allowed them to plough money into bands like The Stranglers! Wasn't it Hugh who called Shirley Bassey "Aunty Sh...
by jetblacksdad
23 Dec 2016, 13:11
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Topic: The Damned Margate 19/12/16
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Re: The Damned Margate 19/12/16

I had tickets for both Chatham and Margate but could not make the rescheduled gig on the 19th!! Can you buy the CD online?? Sent from my SM-G900K using Tapatalk Vinyl, CD or download. All still available through the Pledge page (separate to the new studio album Pledge page). Here's the link. http:/...
by jetblacksdad
29 Nov 2016, 12:28
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Topic: 70's/80's sweeties
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Re: 70's/80's sweeties

I long for Toffos...... Anyone remember SuperMoose? It was like a big Milky Way And there was a Terry's bar - dark chocolate with milk chocolate "strands" over a crispy centre. Orange/Red wrapper. Bloody lovely but the name escapes me. Minty Eggs! They were great Robin Hood Lollies Mojo Banjo Waifa ...