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by mickinblack
16 Sep 2019, 09:28
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
Topic: Worpswede (Germany)Ticket Wanted
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Worpswede (Germany)Ticket Wanted

Im looking for 2 tickets for The Stranglers at Worpswede music Hall 2019. I will pay the face value plus post. I know i should of snapped them up when they came out but i just put it off. I alread have Hamburg and Berlin tickets so just looking for Worpswede. So if anyone has or knows where i can ge...
by mickinblack
25 Feb 2019, 20:32
Forum: Contact Fans/Arrange Pre-gig piss-ups etc.
Topic: Parking near the Ulster Hall
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Re: Parking near the Ulster Hall

Dublin Road, at Hardcastle Street, multi-storey car park
by mickinblack
09 Jul 2018, 22:11
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Footy it's coming home
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Re: Footy it's coming home

Go on The England.
by mickinblack
05 Apr 2018, 14:25
Forum: For Sale/Swap/Wanted
Topic: 1 Belfast Ticket For Sale
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1 Belfast Ticket For Sale

I have one ticket standing for Belfast for sale.
A friend of mine can not make it so i will sell it at face value £35

I can meet tomorrow about 7pm in Belfast.

If anyone wants this let me know or i sell it on the day.
by mickinblack
07 Aug 2017, 12:35
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Topic: skids at the roundhouse
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Re: skids at the roundhouse

They played In Dublin recently but Hugh was playing in Cork on the same day and i went to Hugh instead.
I been hearing they still dam good.

Bruce Watson is a bloody good guitar.
by mickinblack
06 Aug 2017, 17:28
Forum: Other Bands
Topic: Green Day
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Re: Green Day

Now that is a awesome sing along..
Thanks for posting..
by mickinblack
06 Aug 2017, 11:09
Forum: Newbie/Test
Topic: Another Newbie
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Re: Another Newbie

Hello from Dublin.
by mickinblack
17 Jul 2017, 14:27
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: The new Doctor Who
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Re: The new Doctor Who

I believe this is not a good decision.

I will not express my reasons or feelings on this subject.
by mickinblack
14 Jul 2017, 19:28
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Things you fecken love..........
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Re: Things you fecken love..........

Blaze and the monster machines, crusher is brilliant.
by mickinblack
14 Jul 2017, 19:25
Forum: General Other stuff
Topic: Things you fecken hate..........
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Re: Things you fecken hate..........

shimmer and shine God how to kids watch that.
by mickinblack
28 May 2017, 12:27
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Topic: ISIS in the UK
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Re: ISIS in the UK

In this case it seems that it was a lack of action on the side of the law, after being informed by friends and family that this guy was a threat. Maybe there was no evidence from the informers, just heresay, which turned out to be quite accurate. The root causes of this is religion and foreign polic...