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by wanderlust
29 Mar 2017, 21:39
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Topic: Depeche Mode
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Re: Depeche Mode

I really like Depeche mode for a particular era 1981-1990. I appreciate some groups want to evolve but they have been stuck in gloominess since about 1993. There have been the occasional catchy good song on albums since "precious" being one. Wish they would leave the industrial darkness al...
by wanderlust
25 Mar 2017, 17:39
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Topic: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017
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Re: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

JJ and Hugh (a little) nicked his duckwalk stance for their crouching thing they did/do on stage..
by wanderlust
24 Dec 2016, 19:32
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Topic: Rick Parfitt R.I.P
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Rick Parfitt R.I.P

:cry: :cry: :cry: Always been a big Quo fan. Rick's style was often derided but hugely influential although very few would admit it.
by wanderlust
18 Nov 2016, 14:14
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Topic: "The Clash" became what they wanted to replace?
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Re: "The Clash" became what they wanted to replace?

The clash were quite a manipulated band. They were manufactured and thrown together and their forming wasn't organic. Bernie Rhodes arranged the meeting for Strummer and Jones to get together. They claimed to be working class living in bed sits when in fact half the band members came from well off m...
by wanderlust
12 Dec 2015, 11:12
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Topic: "Adele" who likes her? If anyone?
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Re: "Adele" who likes her? If anyone?

Not my thing at all but can appreciate she has a great personality and voice. Also she has worked hard to get where she is and hasn't gone through tv talent shows or selling a sexual image to shift albums. Just because you don't like something musically it doesn't mean it isn't any good and Adele is...
by wanderlust
27 Oct 2015, 20:42
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Topic: John Southorn (The Jamm r.i.p)
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John Southorn (The Jamm r.i.p)

Sadly passed away today with a form of lymphoma seen them a few times, he was more like Weller than weller image wise and vocally, very sad news.
by wanderlust
14 Oct 2015, 08:10
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Topic: Not Sure I Should Admit This...........
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Re: Not Sure I Should Admit This...........

Never be embarrassed to say what you like as long as it makes you happy don't care about what others think.
by wanderlust
29 Jun 2015, 09:07
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Topic: Damned 40th Anniversary - Royal Albert Hall 2016
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Re: Damned 40th Anniversary - Royal Albert Hall 2016

Quite remarkable how the Damned have sold out the Albert Hall out like this. Just a few years a go they were playing to half empty pubs. They haven't really sold that many records since the 80s either, so nostalgia and hard work gigging has paid off for them and it is a landmark tour too I suppose. ...
by wanderlust
26 May 2015, 20:23
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Topic: Wellers new album
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Re: Wellers new album

Quite like the new album, he seems much a happier bloke these days as well. Weller's albums since Stanley road have ben a bit hit or miss containing a few good songs here and there but this one is pretty consistent. I think nostalgic people think he is suddenly going to do an album of 60s mod covers...
by wanderlust
18 May 2015, 23:20
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Topic: Blur - The Magic Whip
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Re: Blur - The Magic Whip

Haven't heard the new one yet but glad they are back. A band who did something different on each album apart from becoming victims of their own success a bit in the mid 90s. They started off being marketed as a northern madchester type act something they hated as they were Essex Boys, and their seco...
by wanderlust
03 May 2015, 18:16
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Topic: ED Miliband
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Re: ED Miliband

If the economy is such in a great shape, growth, more jobs and other unlimited rice pudding then why aren't the Tories way ahead in the polls on the verge of a comfortable overall majority this week???