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Feb/March - recording Aural Sculpture.

06.10.84 Skin Deep single released - makes no.15 in charts
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17.11.84 Aural Sculpture album released
01.12.84 No Mercy single released - makes no.37 in charts

07/12/84 ITV Studios Performance for "The Tube"
21/12/84 Dusseldorf Phillipshalle, Germany
This is a real obscure one: The stranglers played in the big hall called
the Philipshalle at Duesseldorf on a festival called "Halleluja".
They were not announced on the ticket but they showed up there.
I remember the hall was not just filled with many people, perhaps there were about 1000 people.
I was there to see and tape Johnny (R.I.P.) Thunders, was very much surprised by
a man called Billy Bragg playing a short solo set.
The Stranglers did not get much applause there as you clearly can hear on my recording up here.
It sounds like they were playing in an empty hall with just a few people around my microphone.
They did not play an encore!
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