"The Damned" at Southampton Guildhall 22/08/18.

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Re: "The Damned" at Southampton Guildhall 22/08/18.

Post by Boody » 06 Sep 2018, 16:08

It’s Golden Brown syndrome- most of the people at a Damned concert probably only go once a year so the likes of New Rose &c will always be in the set. I thought they were great at Southampton- saw DV at Warrington before the Parr Hall gig and he was fed up about the sound problems. I was just star struck (as usual).
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Re: "The Damned" at Southampton Guildhall 22/08/18.

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling » 06 Sep 2018, 19:25

Greatkudu wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 12:05
Arthur Streeb-Greebling wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 01:46
Thanks for the revyoo mr kudu.
I really wanted to see The Damned but couldn’t be arsed to go to Holmfirth, wish they’d come back and play Leeds.
Chris Packham? I think it was on Springwatch a few years ago, he kept slipping Clash song titles into the script, very funny.

I see they’re off to America, The Stranglers should go with em and give it another go or two cracking America, knowing The Stranglers though just as they crack America they would split up!
Yes Mr Packham loves his Punk music,The Damned seem to love touring the states,they really are on a roll and live they are better then ever? When the
sound is good,Packham seemed like a nice bloke,he was talking to Captain in dressing room after gig,I am going to see them in Paris in November.
Anyone know of any good reason why The Stranglers couldn’t just go to America and play support to The Damned though?
It just seems to make so much sense, perhaps also get Buzzcocks on the bill, they pull quite a large crowd too, I saw em once in NYC, at the Bowery Ballroom. I just sometimes wish The Stranglers did make it ‘Big In America’, they just seem to be criminally ignored and like they have been written out of Punk/New Wave history as they have over here by fucktards like J*hn S*v*g*.
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