Buzzcocks - Toronto May 2010

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Buzzcocks - Toronto May 2010

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The Buzzcocks played at the Opera House last week. This is one my favourite venues in Toronto. The "floor" has 2 levels and there is a balcony with 3 rows. If you get there earlier enough for a show, you should be get a good view.
My friend Derek and I got their just in time for the opening act, and headed down to the front. I told him to check the balcony after the show because I might end up there.
Buzzcocks came on and they were loud (started with Fast Cars) . The crowd was lively and there was lots of action at the very front. The mix was not great. The vocals were a bit low and the drums way too high. After about 20 minutes, I got tired of being moshed up and headed upstairs.
The sound was not much better but I had a great view.

I would give the show a 6 out of 10. The t-shirts and cd's were cheap at the merchandise table.

But Steve Diggle was pissed. During the encore, I thought he was going to either fall of the stage or hit Pete Shelley in the head with his microphone stand.

To bring this back to the Stranglers, has anyone been to a Stranglers / Hugh concert and think, that guy is pissed?
john pidgeon
brampton, ontario

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