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Post by Lafleur » 13 Nov 2017, 12:40

The new album was recorded with producer Tony Visconti in New York within 2 weeks (finished at mid October 2017). Mixing is probably not yet finished but the album should be out at the end of January 2018 (about the time the UK tour will start). All involved say it's a great album. Looking forward to hearing it.

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Post by dead ringer » 17 Nov 2017, 19:55

Interesting little piece of Paul Gray talking about punk and mentioning The Stranglers;

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Post by Lafleur » 18 Nov 2017, 11:59

Here’s a short Q&A back and forth with David Vanian (17-11-2017):

What were you expecting when you looked to fund to recording of your new album via a platform like PledgeMusic, and has the reaction of your fans to the campaign been a surprise to you?

I was hoping that people would see our plight and help us out but I was very pleasantly surprised that so many people rallied round the way they did. It is notoriously difficult to get a new Damned album but PledgeMusic and the fans have done the near impossible.

Galvanising your fans at this scale has been precipitated by a social media presence, with the band’s followings on Twitter and Facebook both being large and very vocal. How has social media changed the way that the band approaches the business of getting The Damned’s music out there?

The music business has changed quite a few times from when we began over 40 years ago and social media is now an integral part of everything. Social media gives you a bigger platform to show people what you do and present themselves to an audience that otherwise may never see or hear you. In the past you would have to go to the countries and tour endlessly, but makes it easier for people to have access to your music worldwide. Much more creative than having to fit into the idea of few people in charge of record companies.

After last year’s back-to-basics Damned, Damned, Damned shows, your shows this summer -- notably with Green Day at Hyde Park -- were also a chance to exercise your more eclectic side, with airings of ‘Grimly Feindish’ and your Love cover ‘Alone Again Or’. These two sides of the band have existed throughout your discography…. will the new album embrace the multi-instrumental side of the band or is the raw punk four piece something you’ll be going back to?

We have never ‘gone back’ to the raw punk four piece as that would be impossible. We can’t and wouldn’t want to, as musiciana you are driven forward to discover new things about music- it is not about standing still. There were four 19 year olds on the precipice of a new invasion of innovation and emotion born out of need. Later albums reflected not just the times, but us as people. The albums in the past reflect the eclectic mix of songwriting where everyone is a songwriter, all bringing different influences. It is not one person’s vision but distilled down to a melting pot of ideas and collaboration.

Speaking of the new album, how would you describe the music you’re writing at the moment? Is there any particular art, music or otherwise, that’s inspiring the sounds that you’ve been putting together?

I leave the descriptions to other people but having said that, there is definitely a 1960s influence- a British influence as opposed to American. There is a little of the ghost of Joe Meek running through the album.

It’s been almost a decade since the eclectic gothic rock of So, Who’s Paranoid, and plenty has changed across the world in the meantime. Is the global political situation something that’s affected the writing of the record or is The Damned an escape from the growing toxicity of the outside world?


Tony Visconti’s record speaks for itself, and his place in the history of glam-rock and rock n roll in general is virtually unmatched, but what was it, for you guys, that meant he was the guy to record The Damned’s return?

Because we wanted the best man for the job for the reasons you say above. We wanted a producer that understand who we are and not put us into a pigeon hole.

As the first UK punk band to release a 7" single, through to your pioneering place in the birth of the goth movement, you guys have always been ahead of the times. And even now, you’re forging ahead with new material rather than repackaging ‘the classics’ again. What do you think it is about you as a creative unit that has meant you’re always looking forward towards the next project rather than resting on your laurels?

Beethoven was deaf and he didn’t stop moving forward, why would we stop?

Finally, do you have any message for the fans who have supported the band through your PledgeMusic campaign, what they can expect from the new album and from The Damned in the coming months and 2018..?

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Post by gjinblack » 18 Nov 2017, 15:43

I love the 'Both' answer after the interviewer has been waxing lyrical for fifteen seconds!

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