Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

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Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Post by zontar » 20 Mar 2017, 00:25

I fail to fathom how no one's commented on his passing. The man had hit records (25 US charts in all), he had a prison record. What more can you want?

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Re: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Post by elvisintheclouds » 20 Mar 2017, 08:04

Thank you very much

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Re: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Post by MiB81 » 20 Mar 2017, 12:56

I played My Ding A Ling yesterday in remembrance.
Then a couple of the good ones.

Always loved the story Bruce Springsteen tells about back in the days when Berry would turn
up to play his gigs and just use whatever young, local band that was available to back him.
One night in 1973 Stringsteen's band got the shout.
About five minutes before the show was supposed to start, the back door opens and Chuck Berry
comes in and he's got a guitar case and that's all. Springsteen said in 1987. "He just pulled
up in his own car and didn't have anybody with him, or a band. We said, 'What songs are we going to do?'"
And he growls, on the way to the stage, 'We're going to do some Chuck Berry songs'" then BANG they're on :twisted:

Just read this one too: "Somehow, a minute or two [in], he shifts the song in gears and a key without talking to us,"
E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren told Ultimate Classic Rock. "We are making these horrible sounds, collectively,
in front of a stadium, sold out … At the height of it, when no one has any idea how to fix this, Chuck looks at us all
and starts duckwalking off the stage, away from us. He leaves the stage, leaves us all out there playing in six different
keys with no band leader, gets in the car and drives away. I don’t think we have ever participated in something that
godawful musically since we were probably 13 or 14." :lol:
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Re: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Post by Greatkudu » 20 Mar 2017, 13:29

zontar wrote:
20 Mar 2017, 00:25
I fail to fathom how no one's commented on his passing. The man had hit records (25 US charts in all), he had a prison record. What more can you want?
I was just about to start a thread in Tribute to Chuck,now there is a lot of talk of influential artists and legends ect,But Chuck Berry deserved the mantle

for both,on a number of levels he deserves accolades,firstly he wrote some of the finest rock and Roll records ever recorded,covered by his rivals at the time and many others over the years,secondly for bringing the electric guitar to the fore,a true original and innovator.A very sad loss,he was even working on a new album in tribute to his wife of 68 years,a lovely gesture.And of course he was a huge influence on The Beatles and Stones.

I just wish I had seem him live,of course he was a bit of a naughty boy as well,but these brushes with the law should not overshadow the legacy of the
great man.This is fact the greatest pure Rock and Roll song of all time is "Johnny Be Goode",it's just a work of pure genius.So Mr Berry I hail you for
what you achieved in your musical career,we will never see the like of him again.If your in heaven keep writing.

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Re: Chuck Berry, 1926-2017

Post by Jon the Impaler » 20 Mar 2017, 16:18

Don't know a lot about him really .....but he seemed a rock and roll rebel before they were even invented , because the likes of Cliff , Elvis , Buddy Holly , The Beatles ....really weren't that rebellious . This was more Rolling Stones /Who type stuff by Chuck Berry . If he was around during punk he would have fitted in perfectly . His songs seem far more up tempo than a lot of that era ..... I'm only going by what little I've seen , which isn't a lot....but a big loss to R&R .
All quiet ..........

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