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I like my arguments to have a sense of structure & not just a knee jerk, thoughtless outpouring, however in this instance the only thing that springs to mind is that your point above is quite probably the most stupid thing I've ever read.


I really didn't want to add to the comments i made but there are numerous examples of reverse discrimination taking place all over this land. If you're too blinkered to recognise that or if you don't agree that's fine.
It's nice however to see that despite your vitriolic outpourings you do seem to believe that other people have a right to an opinion not of your choosing even though you would like them banned for doing so.
Hopefully Jim has the good sense to recognise that just because certain people on here don't conform to your intolerant and frankly totalitarian views it doesn't mean that the 3rd Reich is about to be resurrected.

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The C4 docu on this evening confirmed what I've always known - Manning was a complete cunt.
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But what have we learnt?

Bernard Manning was a cunt?

Don't always take the obvious high moral badger stance - there might be a bit more to it. ?

Racism exists across all races *shock!!*

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