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Line Of Duty

Post by Arthur Streeb-Greebling »

Now I pride myself on not being a Sheeple but unfortunately I succumbed to this ‘Line Of Duty’ malarkey. Watched the last series with the rest of the other 666 Billion viewers and was immediately hooked.
Over this week i binged watched series 1-4 on BBC Four, it’s deffo the best thing since The Stranglers or Cheese were invented.

I remember a few years ago some of you guys & gals on this very forum banging on about this Keeley Hawes woman and I had no idea who she was. Due to Line Of Duty I now do and although she’s not one of the constant main characters in it she is a very impressive actress and contributed to probably the best part of the series with her impressive character work in Series 2 & 3. I know Vicky McClure’s work in the brilliant ‘This Is England’ and she’s a great actress too, in fact most of em are in this Line Of Duty phenomenon.
Great writing, script, directing, acting etc.

Now then, what next?.......Game Of Thrones?
I’ve heard seriously good things about this but managed to stay clear of it so far! Sick of everyone constantly banging on about it over the last 3 or 4 years. Have also heard that two of the best things ever to like watch and lose yourself within are The ‘Sopranos’ & ‘Breaking Bad’?
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Re: Line Of Duty

Post by clutchingmyteddybear »

Sopranos my all time favourite. Loved Breaking Bad too. Just began watching Ozarks on Netflix and really getting into it. I’d say go for The Sopranos.
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Re: Line Of Duty

Post by laurie »

Banshee is well worth a watch
do you wanna
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Re: Line Of Duty

Post by Jon the Impaler »

laurie wrote: 12 May 2019, 12:52 Banshee is well worth a watch
I thought Banshee was fantastic . Very violent , but fantastic . Favourite these days has to be Game of Thrones .
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Re: Line Of Duty

Post by Homer »

To name a few:

True Detective.

Goliath (Billy Bob Thornton)


Better Call Saul
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Re: Line Of Duty

Post by Halifax Linda »

Gangs of London.
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